About Me

My name is Janine and this is my happy place on the web.

I am a list maker, daydreamer, travel junkie, lover of pretty things,  a red wine drinker, a nerd at heart, a TV series & film enthusiast, a hopeless romantic, a big fan of healthy & green living and rather quirky. I have an irrational fear of most bugs, sharks, heights and white sneakers.

I stumble in stilettos, collect silver jewellery, adore well-fitting jeans, fall in love with words, have a lot of faith, suck at small talk, love thin crust pizza, long for places I've never been, take a lot of photos, wish I could teleport, enjoy discovering new music and like getting lost in a good book. I often speak before I think. I try not to take myself too seriously.

You can follow me on instagram here (username: beingbrazen).

I currently  live in Cape Town, South Africa :)