Betty or Veronica?

Do you remember Archie comics?
Jeepers, back in the day those were the best comics.

Archie was actually quite a player. He could never decide which girl he really liked better - Sweet Betty or super rich Veronica (both were equally hot)

I think every girl (and guy) had their favourite.

I always wanted Betty to get the guy as Veronica was just so bitchy and thought she could have anyone and anything.

If Betty and Veronica were real life TV stars now I think Veronica would probably be seen as the more empowered minx, while Betty would have been the "girl next door". Veronica would surely be miss popularity with her money, mansion, butler, confidence and clothes. Humble Betty would be the champion for girls who want to be more natural and wholesome.

Dont you just see it now, Veronica dressed in stunning designer clothes, Jimmy choo shoes, climbing out of the "only- in- your- dreams" car... while Betty arrives in a Toyota with jeans and a t-shirt (personally im more a Betty myself). To stay true to the comic Betty and Veronica would have to be friends, hang in the same group and like the same guy (though we all know Veronica is destined to be with ego monster, Reggi)

Archie would be a hard character to cast. You would have to find a red haired guy with freckles that was attractive enough to have both woman fighting over him.

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  1. I used to love these comics! Was always torn between choosing the 2, I love Veronica's style but Betty is so sweet....although too sweet! She needs to kick butt sometimes:) Would be a cool movie but think they did a movie a while back not sure whether it went straight to DVD? x


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