Seeking Summer

Cape Town is not exactly built for winter. In fact, I dont think many capetonians would mind if winter never ever came. Some people are in deep denial when the rainy season actually arrives, even in 16 C ( laugh if you want "snowy cities" but that is chilly to us) I still see Cape Town people attempting to wear shorts and flip flops.

I am one of few that actually enjoys the winter months. I jump at the oppurtunity to cover up and drag out all my scarfs and beanies. Ahhh...winter..a chance to feel good about my lily white skin...but there are only so many movies you can watch, boots you can buy, malls you can visit and hot chocolate you can drink...... alas, even i can admit that cape town becomes a wee bit quiet in the winter time...

Sooooo back to my original point - Cape Town was not built for winter....this is seen in the fact that there is definitely not as much to do in winter. Unlike London and New York (to names a few great winter cities), Cape Town has not got a warm coffee shops on every corner, pubs and nice dry undergrounds to travel on. Instead we have Beaches, outdoor bars and stunning short, Cape Town (like all the great beach cities of the world) is ill equipped for winter entertainment.

(Note: Ok, sure.....we do only have winter for about 3- 4 months of the year and it doesnt get cold enough to snow but still for some the lack of good quality sun is traumatic. lol)

Not surprising then that at the first sign of sun here most people head outside to make a braai or just lay about like lazy lizards in the UV rays....

What should cape town do about this??

I think we should create our own indoor beach (thanks Japan, great idea!) with a place for people to braai happily indoors (oh and dont forget the cool fake summer sky)...that way all us Capetonians suffering from the "winter blues" can live in denial and have our "endless summer".

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