You bought your license where?

I was merrily on my way to work when my boyf called me. He had forgotten his camera and asked me if i was still at home. I was not. I thought here is a great oppurtunity to be "super gilfriend", so I offered to go and get it. I turned my car around minutes from work and headed to the flat.

Unfortuantely i was unlucky and got some very annoying traffic and a batch of bad drivers as i went on my mission.

First I had to slam on my brakes behind some person who seemed to think i was not behind him. After that I got stuck behind a lady that was driving so slow that i became convinced it was on purpose. Every couple of seconds she would glance at me in the rear view mirror with a silly little smirk in her eyes...
I then got stuck in a long line of cars because there was a "road- fixing-tractor- machine- thingy" (not its real name, but it will have to do) crossing the road. Then i had some idiot in a Jaguar stop half way in the road where i needed to turn.

After all that the mission went a bit better with only the occassional, demented taxi driver cutting in front of me and a few clueless pedestrians.

Finally, I delivered the camera safely to boyf and saved the day! Well, kinda...


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  1. nks for the mission hunny! you sure saved the day! and I wan't late for my meeting! :-)


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