Have you seen Midori?

I had almost forgotten about my dear friend Midori until i stumbled upon a picture of a bottle online. How could I have been back over 2 years and not craved this wonderful green drink???

One of my absolute favourite drinks is a "Midori Sours" (which can be made with Midori, some sours mix and Sprite -but i know other people may make it differently.)

Unfortunately this is one more thing i got addicted to in America, but can not find in South Africa? Has anyone seen Midori Melon Liqueur in SA?


  1. I'm just discovering your blog. You've got some great posts. I like the one about The Wonder Years. I actually grew up in the sixties, just slightly younger than the characters in this series. It was a different time in a lot of ways. I also watched Cloverfield this past weekend! My daughters liked it as well although my youngest felt a bit lost with the ending. She likes happy ones.
    And as for finding Midori in your part of the world...you may need to get a care package from someone!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment...Yes, i definitely need to get some Midori sent to me. I will have to pester my american friends :)

  3. I've never known this drink before. It has such a sweet name, Midori. Looks like it's really a treat!


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