Go play outside

Most of us spend so much time in front of our computers and TV that we seldom get outside anymore. In this age of computer games, dstv, cellphones and the internet people find very little reason to venture outdoors. I mean what for, right? There are no plug points and no electricity out there?

Today I would like to challenge you (and myself) to do something almost unheard of in this day and age. For one whole day every week (if you are really brave try the whole weekend) leave your computer, TV and game console turned off
(i know, crazy talk).

Yup, this means no checking your e-mail, no checking your facebook, no computer games,No surfing the web (not even on your phone), no blogging and no TV .
Instead of staying indoors go and watch a sunrise/sunset, go take a boat ride, go to the park, go to the beach, go read in your garden, have a family picnic, go walk up a mountain. If its too rainy where you are - go to an art gallery or museum, bake something, make something, paint something, go and splash in some puddles.

I think our parents had the right idea when they scolded us for wasting our time indoors and loudly told us to "GO play outside!"
(cartoon found on cartoon stock)


  1. I think this is a great idea - let me know if you manage to achieve it! (More difficult, let me know if you manage to influence Jay) We should all be engaging with experiences other than screens more often!

  2. It wont be super easy..but I must at least try to live a little unplugged every now and then :)


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