Mayday! Mayday!..abandon ship

I live in South Africa and I am not sure whether to be really proud or annoyed by that fact right now....Lately when I watch the news headlines or a political program I am often left thinking "What the !@%&# is everyone on???"

I dont want to criticize my own country but if you live here you realise quickly we have very real problems. Even putting poverty, petty crime, inflation and petrol prices aside, we still have plenty of problems that are too big to just go away quickly (or go away at all)

I realise the world is an imperfect place, So I can bring myself to deal with some issues like: evil Eskom, the climbing petrol price, petty crimes, affirmative action, insane taxi drivers, hundreds of parking guards taking my money and our country wasting money on giant stadiums.................BUT I can not deal with: increased hijackings, corrupt leaders, sensless murders & violence, rapes, being scared of walking down the street at night, 1 out of 10 people having AIDS, So much home security that we begin to trap ourselves and total ignorance.

All this leads me to ask the question: Is South Africa a sinking ship? and if so when do I abandon ship and swim over to more "first world" shores? Or do I just stay with the ship even if its going down and hope that eventually a new ship will come along and save us all?

Even with so much doubt and frustration swirling around my head I always am left thinking "Theres no place like home"....*sigh*


  1. I totally know what you mean about there is no place like home ... I miss SA most days and wish I could just be home!!! HOWEVER I am so grateful that I can walk down the street at night, that my kids can ride there bikes without fear, that I dont lock my car - ever - in the driveway and that I feel safe without burglar bars etc!!! BUT big but - crime is on the rise as it is everywhere I am sure, the more drugs get taken the more that crime rises, petrol prices wont bloodly stop they rose again last night and there are more parking meter ladies around!!!! :) Again i am ever more grateful for the safety than anything else but I think society needs help, not just SA :) Nivs

  2. Thanks for the comments, Nivs....So true, its a global problem, but SA definitely have it alot worse than alot of countries. Home is where the heart is though..:)


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