Must be Monday

I swear time is speeding up and its beginning to freak me out. Just yesterday it was friday......well, it feels like it anyway.

The morning has been sloth-like. Im still in a half asleep state. I like it, its like a pretty little haze inside my head. Im about to have a cup of coffe though , which I am convinced will violently jolt me from my la la land.

The weekend was a few things, mainly: tipsy, delicious, too quick and full of attitude (mainly mine).

Saturday night The Boyf and I went to Twinkle & her future hubby's flat warming.It was a cool night. By the end people were getting hysterically funny, for some reason Twinkle was posing for pictures with dishwashing liquid and I had heard some very weird stories about fruit.

On Sunday The Boyfs sister treated us to the most awesome roast lunch (and a few yummy glasses of red wine). It was one of those meals that makes you feel the need to undo the top button on your jeans and take a nap.

I have been in a bit of an unacceptable mood lately and i think its because I dont really take criticism well. Its taken me a while to admit to this fact, mainly because I dont like being wrong about things (awful, i know). I have decided to take steps to being better at taking criticism- Hi, My name is BB and I need an attitude adjustment.

In random news: I drove past a burning building in Cape Town this morning. Its weird how everyone wants to watch some drama. People were lined up on the road just to watch smoke (you couldnt see much else). When I got to work I was amused at how many conversations began like this : "Morning, did you see the burning building?". Clearly nothing interesting has happened around here for a while.


  1. In this frightfully fast paced race we call our lives, we far too easily fall into the ragged rusty rat trap of stagnation. We go about our lives, seemingly keeping our heads above the water, while actually we have no idea how much we have been inhibited by our flaccid mundane daily existence. I say take to the hills, break free to the seas and just hope that heaven and high water can save us all from an ever increasing tyranny of putrid society.

  2. Yes the dragging of office conversation. One must make do. In my office it was did you see the burning skip on jan such luck on the burning building tho...


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