I slid out of my bed this morning like a slow moving swamp creature. I then contemplated crawling to the bathroom, but i was afraid I might just fall asleep on the ground. I have no drunken night to blame for this feeling, just too many episodes of "Heroes" and late night ghost pops munching. All I can say is Thank God its Friday (TGIF).

Ive already had a few cups of coffee today and I am feeling unnaturally alert. I think my eyes must be as big as saucers. My co-workers keep looking at me strangely, but i reckon thats just because I keep randomly singing little tunes and shouting out "Hello there"when someone walks by. All the sugar I am consuming is also really helping my mood...I am on some kind of super perky caffeine-sugar high. I have a feeling the come down will not be pretty. Next week I am going to try not to eat sugar (I said TRY, this isnt a promise)

I have a hair appointment tomorrow and I dont know why but i am nervous. I'm going to a hairdresser I have never been to and this could go very well or very, very badly. I have loathed and despised my hair for the last few weeks. Its been all fluffy and has regrowth. I know i have to do something before I grab the boyfs clippers. I am thinking of crossing back into the light, but i am afraid i will miss the dark. Oh well, I will just have to go red if I cant decide on blonder or browner.

Hmm....Tonight I am thinking I would like some greasy, dodgy chinese food. My friend, Twinkle, made me eat some the other night and since then all I have been craving is sweet and sour chicken.
To all you precious people who actually read my ramblings, Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. This is a really rad blog - I am glad my IT guy put me onto it!

  2. Thanks for the comment and using the word rad, its been ages since i heard that word. :-)


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