Well said, Billy

"You may be right, I may be crazy, But it just may be a lunatic you're looking for.”- Billy Joel

Just gotta love the above song lyric.

So, Ive been a bit bored at work the last week or so. Ok, maybe bored is the wrong word, unchallenged is a better description. Somedays are much better than others, while other days drag on for an eternity. Im not really sure what is up with this vibe..but it needs to stop because its making me feel crazier than i usually do. I've actually found myself eagerly awaiting my study books.....My, oh my, how things have changed.

Yesterday (during a moment of feeling rather unchallenged) I felt compelled to do 3 quizzes all basically entitled" Which city should you live in". You may ask why three? Well, i dont trust the opinion of one quiz, it may have been rigged. Anyway, guess which city all the quizzes said I should live in? mmmmmm..........and the answer is: PARIS. Yup, apparently i should be saying Bon voyage and jetting off to the land of frogs and snails. I was quite surprised, as a year ago those quizzes said New York. Click here to take one of the quizzes.

Ive decided to go on the "cup-a-soup" diet. For two reasons:
1. Lately, I have been eating like a prized pig getting ready for a competition and 2. I would rather eat interesting food in Dubai than waste money on fancy food right now.
I'm going to try having a "cup-a-soup" for lunch today. I dont know if i will enjoy it, but its worth a try.

*Please note: Cape Town is never an option on the "which city should I live in" quizzes. so I dont think these quizzes are to be believed AND the "cup-a-soup" diet is not a real diet......yet.


  1. I'll join you! lets leave now!!!!

  2. Oh I love Paris! Also lacking challenges at the moment so I'm trying to find new projects - think it's part of my haze!

  3. Caz - thats an awesome thought :)

    BB - Im hoping my home studies will be a great new project. Good luck getting free of your hazey head.

  4. Evidently - I will be joining you in Paris... I could think of worse places!

    Cup of soup diet hey? LOL. I'm on the PMS inspired diet right now... you know... cookies etc. Hope it passes soon - I have two weeks to vacation and don't want to feel cookie fluff around my middle ;-)

  5. Elizabeth - Cool, the more the merrier :)

    Oooh, i know the PMS diet well. Be strong, fight against the candy bars trying to tempt you...heehe

  6. Diets... I'm allergic to those things.

  7. cup a soup diet?

    i was on that while i was pregnant. actually it was all i could eat.

    i lost 11kg. but that could have been the all day vomiting too.

    anyway, i tagged you in a competition meme. http://expensivemistakescheapthrills.wordpress.com/2008/07/29/daisies-can-like-to-rock-the-jean-pant-jol-too-you-know/

    go do it.


    or i will get crazy stalker on your ass..

    just a polite warning.:)

  8. Expensive - Thank you for the tagging, but can i return? I dont know if you gave me a gift receipt with it? heehee

    Wow, 11 kg..thats alot.Must have been from the vomitting too.

    Thanks for stopping by :)


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