10 things I learnt - this weekend

1. Chubby, animated pandas that can do kung fu are awesome
2. Cane and cream soda is actually a good combination- really
3. Hamburgers can be eaten for breakfast and lunch on the same day - though i shouldn't do this too often.
4. There never seems to be enough pairs of black socks
5. I really laothe being in smoke filled rooms.
6. I'm actually starting to appreciate red wine (its taken a while)
7. Two minute noodles are not very tasty - Not even grated cheese can save them.
8. I have an amazing boyfriend - I love him so much
9. I dont like having bad eyes - i really would like laser surgery
10. Sometimes I just really need to to let go and let God -Worrying about random stuff just isnt healthy.


  1. I'm with you on sooooo many of these:) Sometimes it's good to make lists of things we learn....otherwise we forget and we have to learn the same thing twice:)

  2. I am totally with you on 5, 8, 9 and 10. I'm taking it that 2 and 3 are related - either way I think both are marvelous.

    As for the noodles, once a friend and I came home from a big night and there was no food in the house so we ate two-minute noodles with canned Mexican tomato mix! Sounds awful? IT WAS! The next morning we were both mock-charging at the fact that we had actually eaten it.

    And as for Kung Fu Panda - I'm blinded by his awesomeness!

  3. So with you on 1, 4, 7 and 10. Black socks are definitely on the endangered clothing species list.

  4. i must disagree and agree with a couple of things here:

    a. i hate to admit, but my Stellenbosch roots rule- Cane and Cream Soda = GREATNESS.

    b. cold pizza for breakfast is even better =0)

    c. There never seems to be enough pairs of black socks

    d. Red Wine is cool. Try Gluwein. O.M.G. [!!!] Turns out the Germans were good for something after all. while)

    e. Two minute noodles are very tasty, especially with grated gouda =0) and cheap and easy. what's not to love? ;0)

    f.Screw you for having an amazing boyfriend. Ok fine, I'm happy for you. Kinda.

    Keep blogging awesomeness.


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