So i thought id take a break from posting stuff about Dubai today. I realised my last three posts have been about my trip and that may be a bit dull for some of you (Oh, and I also havent edited all my photos yet..heehee)

I seem to have picked up the infamous "travelling flu bug" (It apparently hides in planes and hotel air conditioners and is a distant relative of the friendlier "travel bug") .
Now all I really want to do is sleep for a couple of days. I doubt my boss would be pleased with me if i did. At the moment i am operating on zombie mode and making grunting sounds to answer questions. Its not really very

I finally got all my study materials yesterday. The books came in a much bigger box than i expected. When i opened the box I almost had a mini anxiety attack as i realised it was actually full of books ( i was hoping for lots of bubble wrap). I feel a little anxious about studying after so many years....but no time like the present to see if i can do this.

Lunch today should be interesting as i am going to solve a little mystery: Is chinese food good on the second day? I'm hoping the answer is yes, or I may just feel a little worse as the day goes on.


  1. Shame, man. Get better soon. What was the verdict on the Chinese?

  2. Tamara - thank you. Its a solid NO on the chinese food question. Sweet and sour chicken only seems to be good for an hour or 2 after buying it. Oh i know... :)

  3. Wow, Dubai! I've been there. Lovely place. You can tell I'm new to your blog, as this comment is a few days late, but what the hell. I laugh because I also LOVE bubble wrap. Prefer it to the actual gift sometimes!

  4. Kitty cat - i like late comments. Yup, Bubble wrap sure is awesome..*pop pop pop*


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