Vintage Sci-fi

I absolutely love old movie posters. A while ago i was looking around at posters and stumbled onto some old sci-fi posters. I love them and find them thoroughly amusing.

You just got to love the creatures lipstick look (below):

Love this poster(below). Really want to frame it.

" A beautiful woman by day, a lusting queen wasp by night"

* A good place to look for posters is


  1. "Science Fiction - Double Feature
    Dr. X will build a creature
    See androids fighting Brad and Janet
    Ann Francis stars in Forbidden Planet
    Oh-oh at the late night, double feature, picture show."

  2. These are awsome...I did a post on them a while back...

    There are some great websites which have hundreds for download.

  3. They would look nice in a frame!

  4. I have actually seen "Attack of the 50ft Woman" and it is pretty much a hoot to see.

    The best seen is when 50ft tall Amazon bitch with an attitude, spies her 'normal' size boyfriend in a hotel room with another woman....the results are not pretty.

    I mean seriously, like a man the size of her index finger is going to be able to really satisfy her?

  5. It would be fun to blow one of these up really big and display it in some swingin' bachelor pad. Very cool!


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