Disturbing story

I made a little rule not to write about horrid, negative things on my blog (unless, of course, they directly effect me or my loved ones). Why? because there is already way to much horrible news out there (on TV, radio, e-mails and online) and I really dislike focusing on all the scary stuff happening in the world.

BUT today I read something so weird and disturbing that i just had to break my rule to share it. In Canada some very sick psycho killed a man on a bus. The news that he killed someone is pretty ugly as it is, but the way he killed that man is down right shocking. Firstly he stabbed the man about 40 times and then he actually decapitated him...on the bus...while it was moving...and full of passengers....What the F#$%k!!! Apparently the killer didnt even know his victim. I mean, damn its like a bad horror movie. What makes a person do this kind of thing?????

Thankfully the cops have arrested him. I see alot of padded cells and a straight jacket in the killers future.

Click here If you feel like reading the whole story for yourself


  1. no thanx! i think i'll pass on reading the whole thing:( The world is so sick!

  2. I agree...there are some real sicko's in this world.

  3. So much for Canadians being peaceful and friendly hey? (Well - I am... but obviously this fellow -notsomuch)


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