Edit and delete

Today i am having one of those "edit and delete" days. I seem to be writing a post, editing it until its completely different and then finally deleting it. Nothing seems to be good enough today.

This could be because my friend, Mr. Moviebuff from California, sent me the first 3 chapters of a book he is busy writing. So far, I am finding his book interesting and really great. Reading other writers work (especially those I know read my blog) sometimes gives me a bit of bloggers block. All of a sudden my measly posts seem so silly in comparison.

Oh well, i'm sure I will break through the block soon. It usually doesnt last too long. Until then you will just have to deal with me rambling on without having a clue what I shall write on my post next (best cure for bloggers block: write anything - even rubbish).

I just finished reading " a Spot of Bother" by Mark Haddon (finally). I loved it. I wont lie to you, it was a rather long book (at 500 pages) and took a little while to get into it, BUT once i got into it i was laughing out loud. The book centers mainly around a man who thinks he is dying. The book follows him and his family on their individual journeys to find happiness, love and ultimately a bit of sanity. If you liked Mark Haddons first book " The curious incident" - you will probably enjoy this.

Currently I am reading a Dubai travel guide, for obvious reasons. I actually never use a travel guide when I go over seas, but this trip is shorter than i am used to. So, unfortunately we will have to plan out our trip quite a bit if we want to fit in all the things we want to do.

Usually, I only have 3 holiday rules I like to try stick to:
1. Try experience "authentic" things - stay away from McDonalds and rather eat local food, opt for markets instead of malls, get away from the city and into the small towns...that kind of thing
2. Be open to new experiences & people.
3. Take lots of photos - you just cant take enough photos.

- - If you have any holiday rules, id love to hear them.

Random info: Today it is a girl at works birthday. In an act of kindness the birthday girl brought baked goods for her greedy co-workers. Now I have 2 cupcakes and 3 little donuts sitting on my desk. They just wont shut up. "Eat us, Being Brazen. Eat us!".
So distracting. I plan to shut them up soon. heehee


  1. - Walk...and be amazed by where you end up!

    I did this in the Far East...and it's the most phenomenal way to see and experience a big city...

    Think eating khmer noodles and drinking beer in a tuk-tuk drivers bamboo hut, or ridng a bicycle in the middle of the jungle and being joined by a Cambodia kid who is on his way home from school...we chatted for 14 of those 15 kms, awsome....itchy feet!!!! Ha ha

  2. http://expensivemistakescheapthrills.wordpress.com/2008/08/14/more-words/

    i will remind you and nag you until you do this. i swear. i am persistent. i have too much time on my hands. i WILL wear you down....

    btw - holiday rules: have fun during the day doing dodgy touristy things, but sleep somewhere comfy and clean at night....

  3. Oooh I'm having holiday envy now. I did a month travelling around Japan using trains and planes and eating all sorts of wonderous stuff and watching people and sitting in zen gardens at temples and all kinds of Japanese food festivals and farms....On another tack I see cakes and doughnuts talk to you too.

  4. Chez - walking is a great idea. In 40-50 C heat it may not be advisable though..lol..I so want to go to the Far East.

    Expenisive Mistakes - HA HA HA HA !! you are funny

    Charmsckool - Japan sounds awesome. Yup, afraid sweet food always talks to me, the question is why do I listen?


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