Revenge of the yummy baked goods

I have awful, evil, horrible toothache!!!!

Ok, I knew no good would come from eating those cupcakes and sweet donuts yesterday...but really does the punishment fit the crime? I think not.

Grrrrrrrrr..Now i have to go to the dentist tomorrow for a filling (hopefully that all it will take to fix it). I can already hear the horrible drilling sound in my head. Arggh, this would happen to me days before my holiday.

Damn you, yummy baked goods....looking all sweet and innocent...Once i give into your charms you attack my pearly evil little cavity creators....Oh, I wish i knew how to quit you.

Now i am going to go feel sorry for myself and drink my sugar-free tea.


  1. My stomach and head have the same battles over Fettucine Alfredo. It will kill me someday, but I will die a happy man.


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