Getting too personal?

I often stumble upon blogs that are too personal and too open. As much as I may be a little curious to read about people's stupid boss, latest conquest, past affairs, STD, drunken night, current bank balance and run in with the cops - It does make me wonder if people should stop giving out so much information online and if the people being written about know they are on a blog?

I have always tried to keep my blog semi-private (by using an alias, not giving out details , etc, etc) BUT I can't help but talk about myself and the people around me (after all that is where i often get my inspiration). Also, I am not really "anonymous" as quite a few people know I have a blog and whether i like to believe it or not some of them probably read it. So bearing this in mind I try to never write about anything I wouldnt want my friends and loved ones to read.

The evergrowing popularity of Facebook, Myspace and blogging has put most people's private lives on display for the whole world to read . While alot of people may not care about your life, loves and interests (Sadly, some of us are just not that interesting), there are some people who do actually want to find out about you and your online activities (stalker, boss, partner, evil ex's, etc etc..).

The reality is: Its really hard to be truly anonymous and just because you call yourself "Ghetto-fabulous mamma" instead of Caroline doesnt mean noone knows who you really are. It might be better to think before you blog.

Would love to hear some other thoughts & opinions about this.



  1. Ooh...did you pick at my brain on this one?!? My blog has become too open & I have had to delete posts or becareful of what I say quite a lot it is difficult & I have to agree...people do tend to find out too much information about you! Subsequently, I have decided to start new & create a new, completely anonymous blog...the content will pretty much remain the same though!

    As for people revealing too much...I don't think it's a long as you don't put yourself or any other people at risk re: their characters or something then you'll be fine!

    The Internet is your oyster...there is no need to be so discreet esp if you are completely anonymous!

  2. Kab - Really? How come you feel you need to delete past posts? What happened?

    Good luck with your new blog - be sure to send me the link.


  3. absolutely agree with you.
    I had never thought so deeply about anonymity coz i honestly think my blog is quite difficult to identify me by...well..i hope.
    I have to say, now, im thinking of deleting some info.
    ps, good thought!

  4. I have to agree with you and I'm not really sure where the line is either on this one. I've kept a pseudonym and made one for everyone in my life who get's a mention on my blog. I figure they didn't ask for it to be put out there so no one reading should really know who I'm referring to (unless they're also friends with the person and are aware of my nic for them or the person I'm writing about has created an equally online persona for themselves already).

    But I too have run into an issue or two with this ... a friend & I disagree completely on an issue around if you & your created online persona are one and the same. And I don't think they are. Yes, I'm generally upfront and honest on my blog, but that doesn't mean the next blogger is. And I'm mostly quite happy to tell people who I am, as long as it's me breaking that secrecy barrier and not someone else!

  5. I think this is an interesting topic. It totally depends on the reason that you have a blog... to promote your work, to share a point of view on a particular topic, some blogs are just like online diaries - no really interesting content or interesting stuff to say (unless the author is a great writer or really humorous and puts across ordinary stuff in a really interesting way).

    I prefer to read blogs where the content interests me as opposed to someones personal diary. I also think it is up to each person how much they want to reveal. I don't agree with posting personal info and images etc but I also don't agree with putting forward a false persona.

    I try to make my blog a collection of things that I find interesting and inspirational. So I guess the question I would like people to answer is 'Why do you blog?'.

  6. It's an interesting topic...only until recently, Pea's was the only one who knew me...but one of my best friends found my blog and took to it. Upon reading nearly every post, she put 2 and 2 together and true as bob, the day i post the only ever bitchy story about a mate, it just happen to be her who I bitched about...murphy! Damage control 101. Although I never made reference to her specifically, she knew it was her, and i felt like a real toss.

    The www just makes the world smaller.

  7. Hey

    I think people set up personal boundaries, if you want to blog about your love life, you have to accept you may get found out eventually.

    Personally there are things I will never write about on a blog because not hurting certain people is more important to me than attracting readers. But that is not to say I don't enjoy reading other people's confessionals!

  8. Hmm...interesting point, I've just started and I've already been very open. You're right. But then again, we need a space to vent and share.


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