Party animal

The above little critter is a Malaysian pen-tailed tree shrew (cute) and according to scientists it really knows how to drink:

"The pen-tailed tree shrew drinks the beer-like fermented nectar of the flowers of the bertram's palm in such quantities that the equivalent amount of alcohol would cause a human to collapse in a drunken stupor, say the scientists from Bayreuth University in Germany

..... each night, pen-tailed tree shrews drink copiously of the palm's high-powered nectar. In fact, the tree shrews go on a natural-palm-beer binge that lasts two and a half hours on average per night.

Amazingly, the German scientists said there was little evidence that the tree shrews consumed anything but this powerful nectar. And they showed no signs of inebriation or hangover despite their nightly binges. "

Apparently this shrew may hold the answer to creating the ultimate hangover cure :-)

To read the full story click here.


  1. Leave it to the Germans to study beer drinking animals. The only thing more cliche would have been the Irish.

  2. This is hilarious! And they do this NIGHTLY? Wow wow wow. I can barely handle a binge a year!


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