work it out

I braved the gym again this morning and actually enjoyed it (will wonders never cease?). I still fear running on the treadmill (dont ask), but i do love my fast walking- step climbing cardio routine. I need to pluck up some courage to do some weights, but they look rather unfriendly. I have decided I will make alot more effort to go to gym at least twice a week.

Lately my eyes have been annoying me. I'm rather blind and without glasses or contacts i would stumble around banging into things (seriously, its true). I am tired of wearing glasses so often and my contacts eventually become irritated. When this happens I have to take the contacts out and put on glasses again- grrrr - its a never ending cycle. Now Ive decided to try some "day & night" contact lenses. Apparently these contacts can be left on even while sleeping. Hopefully they will work better and let me pretend i have normal eyes.

Random news: I found my work mug! It reappeared yesterday and then was gone again today. Someone is obviously using my mug or hiding it. Why someone would deprive me of my morning coffee is beyond me? I think the mug user needs to be locked in a room with a group of caffeine addicts who were not allowed their morning coffee. That will teach him/her not to borrow people's mugs. hehee


  1. Someone is tormenting you with your mug.

    I did that to someone once... and I even wrote a randsome note. Twas funny. (well at least I found the humour... them notsomuch)

    Good for you what with the gym and all. The weights aren't as mean as they look. You can make friends ;-)

  2. so i have this weird thing that whenever I lift something heavy it causes my lip to curl on the one side. SERIOUSLY! So I CAN'T lift weights coz every time i do it looks like I am snarling at people! hahaha it is soooo embarassing!!!!!

  3. Elizabeth - so you are a mug-napper....I seeeee.....have you been near my office lately??

    Caz - HA HA HA HA HA!!!! thats so funny....really? you make weight lifting faces?


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