10 things I learnt - this weekend

1. I really like stand up comedy (and let me add South African comedian, Marc Lottering is brillaint)
2. I can be a moody cow sometimes, and its not nice (note to self: dont sweat the small stuff so much)
3. There is no meal that you can't have Coke with.
4. I dont like house music in the morning. I mean the "doof doof" kind, not just music played in the house.
5. The Boyf is so good to me and i cant even find the words to express how much i love him ( i actually learn this more everyday).
6. I want a dwarf rabbit. They are too adorable and apparently make great pets.
7. Dogs have periods. I really didnt know this. Its weird.
8. Taking omega 3 is working wonders for my hair. Try it!
9. Apple taffy with a peanut butter center is strangely tasty
10. I dont think i could ever be a vegetarian, but i think i should cut down on red meat.

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  1. Intriguing list - explain explain: how do you know about the omega 3 thing? Have you been taking it for a while? And did you see a dwarf rabbit? (Neva seen one myself). And what did the Boyf do that inspired you to say that?

  2. Kitty - Well my friend just bought a dwarf rabbit for her daughter and its just too cute. Ive been taking Omega 3 (fish oil) tablets for about 3 months and i have noticed a difference in my hair and nails.
    Well, my boyf has been awesome lately and i have been a real grumpy cow - he still keeps loving me (lucky me) and does so many thoughtful things for me.

  3. Hey BB, dwarf rabbits are just the cutest. Phillygirl has two and whenever she posts pictures of the little darlings I want to get one for myself. Oh they are precious!

    I can relate to the boyfriend thing, I'm frequently overwhelmed by how wonderful my boyfriend is. This morning when I kissed him good-bye, I thought to myself: "Wow I love this guy so much!"

  4. yeah, the omega 3 is good for hair and skin. and everything else, too. i should start taking it again.

  5. dogs just go on heat man!... LOL

    taffy? that's american for what again??? toffee???
    it's monday... i'm a bit slow :(

  6. mmm...So do dogs have periods or not??? Im so confused. Someone told me yes and now i hear no. I know about them going "on heat" but thats about it.

    Taffy is like american toffee..but Apple taffy is more like our fizzers here....not as creamy as toffee.



  7. I didn't know omega-3 did that for hair... Hmmm.. :) and it would be hard for me to become a vegetarian as well.

  8. Oh yes, as boldly benny already said, I have 2 dwarf bunnies and they are just the cutest things ever :) With such distinct personalities! Athough the only downside to them is that they are NOT needy pets. They do not come to you to be loved (well mine don't ... Henna might if you have food tho!). Which is sometimes sad ... but the cute factor definitely makes up for it :) Plenty of pics scattered round my blog!

  9. Yes, dogs do get periods, we had a dog that had a period once, then we spayed her and nothing after that. But she had bleeding and all. I'm not sure if they only get it once or what, but it's true.

  10. Miss caught up - yup, Omega 3 is awesome. My hair was not doing well and i strated taking it (at least 1000mg a day) and its working wonders.

    Phillygirl - aww cuteness..I will have to go look at your blog for pics.

    Kitty - thanks :) I thought so.

  11. yup... i can confirm about the dog thing. gross but true :)


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