Magician or alien?

While most of us were busy leading pretty average lives, David Blaine was doing this...

"25 Sep -New York - Magician-daredevil David Blaine has safely finished his latest stunt: hanging upside-down without a net high over Central Park for 60 hours.

Oh, he caught a bullet in his mouth, too.

The endurance artist began dangling from a wire over a park skating rink on Monday..... He celebrated completion of the wire act on Wednesday night by diving from a platform 13.41m to the ground while attached to a harness.

A two-hour ABC television special called "David Blaine: Dive of Death" also showed footage of him catching a .22-calibre rifle bullet in a metal cup in his mouth."

WTF? I had my doubts about David Blaine being human a few times before (ok, everytime i see him on TV)- but now i am sure he is not.
There is only one good explanation for why he manages to pull off such crazy stunts and acts so strange .....I think Mr Blaine is an alien. ( you know you had your suspicions too)
Ps - Apparently He did come down during the 60 hours to relieve himself. Which only proves to me that aliens do have to use the bathroom too.Hehhehheeee


  1. you have to admit though, he is one hot alien!!!

  2. Does the end of his finger glow when he phones home?

  3. Swiss - Hhmmm..he is not really my type

    Tamara - my thoughts exactly

    Ches - Good question

  4. he is just one word... strange... i don't like him much... he's eyes are all crazy... and he's an attention freak...

    strange i tell ya... strange

  5. Sweets - i dont like him either..he is strange indeed - one might say "Alien" heheee

  6. hmm, I think he damaged his braincells after that starvation stunt in London. And he came down, cheat!!

  7. Yip, alien he may be, but a cutie pie!

  8. how bizarre is this guy! my favourite is this "street magic" on youtube.. if u can watch it, check it out... wiked!!

  9. Hwe comes down once an hour! So much for "death defying" and "grave danger". Fraud.

  10. Dang, that man is odd! And yes, if he were committed to the stunt he would have just wee'd in his pants and dealt with the trickle up towards his face.


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