Caffeine quitting

I have decided to try and quit caffeine for a while.

I actually managed to quit it once before but eventually the coffee and coke cravings were just too strong - plus I was feeling really cranky- So i hijacked a coke truck (Ok, I didnt do that, but you get my point).

I am going to only drink caffeine-free drinks, water and herbal tea -Obviously I will also still be drinking alcohol - how else will i be able to cope with the caffeine withdrawals??? *grins*

I will keep you posted on how this goes :)

A few reasons to quit caffeine:

1. Caffeine Sensitivity: There a significant number of people who are sensitive to caffeine and show number of reactions to caffeine such as jitters and sleeplessness.
2. Health Reasons: Many people experience headaches and increased level of stress resulted from caffeine consumption.
3. Aging: Caffeine is a known culprit in speeding the aging process. There are many studies which show that caffeine consumption can speed up the aging process.
4. Stress: Caffeine stimulates hormones like cortisol which not only have drastic impact on our nervous system but also have long term consequences ( and one of them is aging).
5. Heart disease and high blood pressure: Coffee consumption and caffeine intake can make many of us vulnerable to heart diseases and raise blood pressure.

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  1. I've also thought about quitting caffeine, but then, with the chocolate thing, I thought I needed to keep at least one vice! Hope it goes well for you! Good luck.
    Do you like decaf coffee or not? I tried it for the first time the other day, and it wasn't too bad hey.

  2. eep! I don't think I could give it up, even though I can feel how bad it is for me. I used to get really shaky. Now I only drink weak instant stuff.

    I can't stand decaf myself.

  3. Our non-profit is publishing a book on recovery from caffeine addition. We are looking for stories of recovery from various caffeinated products, including coffee, tea, energy drinks, no doz pills, soda, etc. Authors of the stories will be kept completely anonymous. This book is being written to help others who may be suffering from an addiction to caffeine and may identify with someone's story and seek help. Stories are ideally between 2,000 and 4,000 words total. If you or someone you know has struggled with caffeine addiction, this is a great opportunity to reach out and help others. All participants will receive a free copy of the book, once it is published. If interested, please email to:

  4. Kitty - yes, quitting caffeine and chocolate at the same time would be insane :)

    Po - I dont think decaf is too bad, but nohting beats regular coffee.

    anonymous - umm..ok.

  5. Coffee is my only vice, quitting it would be like abandoning my child! I'm going to take my chances with aging and hope that my good genes prevail...I wish you the best of luck!

  6. There's loads of caffiene in green tea too hides everywhere :)

  7. Hey BB, I've done this a couple of times before as it is a really good detox. Miss T is right, it hides in all kinds of good places so when I do it, I only drink water and rooibos tea.

    It was very tricky - I became cranky and suffered from very bad headaches but eventually it was totally worth it.
    I've cut down alot - I only have one cup of tea or coffee a day, but I guess I should try doing it again.

    Good luck ;-)

  8. Sorry, no can do. I would be a lunatic without diet mt. dew. i wish you luck, though.

  9. Any advice on how to quit Internet P*rn?

    Oh...It's not for's for my wife...she's got issues

  10. You are a better woman that I.
    Coffee's my only addiction, and I haven't the desire to quit, I'm afraid-- even despite those convincing facts!

  11. Good Luck!!!!

    I am a coke addict and tried to cut down a few weeks ago. Why does food just not taste any good without coke lol....

    I'm still trying.

  12. Miss T - Thx, i better watch out for sneaky caffeine.

    BB - thank you.It going to be hard i had rooibos this morning and it just felt wrong not having

    Mrs D - I think i will be a lunatic without coke....lets wait and see..heehee.

    Moe - BWHAHAHA - Sure, its for your wife ;-)

    Princess P - i dont blame you

    Blue Sunflower - i LOVE coke too - it really does make food taste better.

  13. Dude!
    It's not worth it.
    Don't do it.
    Give up picking your nose instead.

  14. I gave up caffeine a couple of years back and it made SUCH a difference! Suddenly I wasn't getting the daily headaches and I felt calmer and more relaxed. I did crave it at first, but now I am hooked on my herbal teas (try the Woolies Cranberry, Apple and Cinnamon...divine!)

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  16. This is not what I needed to read as I sip my second cup of coffee this morning. I have up the heroin, I gave up the Meth, I gave up the cocaine.....I ain't giving up the coffee........

  17. hairtoday - ha ha ha

    Gill - I will definitely give that tea a try. thanks

    Lotus - heehee.Sorry. Im just trying to make space for all my new addictions;)

  18. Try power naps. The power nap was a life changer for me. I worked an office job for years and would often crash around 2pm after the caffeine started to wear off. I have since moved into a home based business and at first experienced the same thing... after a while I built an afternoon nap into my schedule even though I thought it was stupid at the time and it really helped a lot. I felt rejuvenated afterwards and worked many more hours into the night each day where before I knocked off at 5pm. I still struggle with recovery from caffeine addiction (and am in the process of launching a website on the topic) but the power nap has definitely made it more manageable.


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