Dream a little dream

Here are just a few things on my "dream list" at the moment(hopefully most of them will become a reality one day).
I dream of having......
A Dog:
I really want to get a big dog, but i cant have a dog in an apartment. So i will just have to wait until i have a garden.
A fitter, more toned body:
I am not very unhealthy or fat, but i certainly could do alot more exercise, drink much more water and look better in a bikini.
A home with a water view:
I want to own a house by a lake (above) OR by the beach (below).

my own book:
I want to write a book.It doesnt have to be a bestseller - but i wouldnt complain if it was ;)

A vintage car:
I would love to own a 1965 Mustang convertible in cherry red.

THE white dress:
I have no idea when i will get married,
but I really do want to one day :)

More travel:

I really want to travel ALOT more. There is so much of the world I still want to see.

At the moment i really want to travel to Paris and New York (Ive been to NY but it was only for 2 days). Also, I really would like to go back to the Greek island of Skopelos (pictured above) I just fell inlove with it while i was there on holiday and i would like to take The Boyf to see it.

* Note: If you decide to put your own "dream list" on your blog. Just let me know so I can go look at it.


  1. What a lovely list. I have many of the same dreams - the travel, for example. Where did you go for 2 days, New York or Paris? I'd die to go to New York! And you will get married, I also thought it'd never happen for me. And I've also dreamt of living right by the ocean. I guess that's kinda true for me, we're a stones throw away, but I want the sea view...sigh. And the bestseller...hell, so many dreams...

  2. Ps: Hows your imaginary pet bunny? ;)

  3. I like this because I have a long list in my head, none of which will be coming true any time soon. I would love to live by the sea very much! I would love to write a book too, don't care about the bestseller bit either. And I would love any kind of pet... sigh.

  4. Kitty - Thank you. i have been to New York. I live very close to the beach too - but i cant see enough of it :) Scrappy Coco is very well and very naughty. I will have to post something about him soon ;-)

    Po - Its just good to have the dreams and hopefully in time they will become realities :)

    BB - thanks

  5. great list! greece is the most beautiful place ever, i wanna go too!!!!

  6. I love the beach, but that lake house is so beautiful! I'd love a home like that, too. So cozy.
    I may create a dream list, too. I'll let you know when I do. Great list!

  7. Sweets - Sure. the Greek Islands are so stunning. I could move there and be very happy :)

    Mrs D - I do really love the look of the lake house. If i stay in Cape Town though it will have to be a beach house. Yes, definitely let me know if you do a list.

  8. The home with the water view did it for me..

  9. I LOVE this list... its great to dream... we get so caught up in life that we forget... i think i'm going to do this one too xxx u always inspire me! thx 4 being so fabulous x

  10. killa - water views always do it for me

    My life escape - Awww, thanks. *hugs*

  11. BB, you don't have the girl running on the beaches number do you? (second pic from the top)

    Mustang, schweeeeeeeet!

  12. hey you have to dream so you know what you are aiming for :)..sometimes it comes true

  13. Everyone has dreams, but there are down sides to everything. Just to give you a reality check:

    The Dog: Love them, have a great one, but cleaning up after them and finding your shoes chewed into mulch has its limits.

    The Toned Body: I could have one if I didn't to work so much, I love living at the gym, but get ready to sweat and stink, A LOT.

    House by the Water: One World....mold (water damage) aint' cheap to fix.

    Write a book: Just write your blog, it is eaiser and you can do it in stages....you get more readers too, you just don't make as much money.

    Vintage Car: I broke down and bought my dream car. I will be driving it for the first time in 3 months this evening. With every vintage car comes a new job title, mechanic. You won't be able to have someone else maintain it for you.

    The White Dress: Over 50% of first marriage end in divorce. Do you really like those odds?

    Greece: I want to go there as well, but the only thing you are going to get to drink is Ozo. Try it first before you go.

    Good Luck

  14. I love your list! It looks alot the my list, in my head. Did you climb in there while I was asleep and borrow my list? Or are we just best friend who never met?

  15. Ches - Nope..lol

    Miss T - Agree 100%

    Lotus - I appreciate your views and comments - though i must say that if i truly wanted a reality check it would be "the reality list " and not the "dream list" ..ha ha ha. Even though dogs,writing a book, seaside homes and marriage need effort and not without flaws - I still want to find out if possibly they may work for me. As for the car - i would want it for fun - and not really to drive often.
    I have been to a few Greek Islands and i LOVED it..Uzo is a horrible drink though ;)

    Hebba - heehee...you never know.

  16. I want all that too, but my wife doesn't. And you know who's the boss in my life

  17. Great dream list! I'd like to visit Skopelos myself. I just published a photo journal series (Dream List Photo Journals) that's designed to hold a dream list and all of your accomplished dreams. Just thought I'd share in case you wanted to create a book of your dreams :) You can see them on www.dreamlistmedia.com. Continue following your dreams!


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