Fumbling through Friday

All week I have been feeling very close to jumping off the edge of my sanity. Thankfully the weekend is here and my hair looks fabulous today. Hooray - i feel all better!

Tonight The Boyf and I are going to the 94.5 Kfm heavyweight comedy jam. It will hopefully be a hysterically funny. Im so in the mood to laugh so hard my ribs start to hurt.

observation: Everyone seems to be getting pregnant. Well, at least a lot of people around me. Last week i heard both my previous bosses were expecting new editions to their families and yesterday my darling hairdresser informed me she is pregnant.

In the past i have noticed that pregnancy seems to become contagious. So, please all pregnant ladies stay away from me. Im so not ready for babies yet. One day (in the distant future) I do definitely want one, but anytime soon would seriously not work for me ( i was thinking maybe at about 32).

Blog following: Some of you may have noticed the new blogspot feature called "following". If you go to your dashboard you will be able to see who you are following and if you have any followers. It sounds creepy and kind of like stalking, huh?

I have added the "follow me" thingy onto my page (look on the right hand side of this page under blogs and websites i like). If you like my blog alot, now you can become a follower.


Have a great weekend. Catch you all on Monday.


  1. I love that picture of the lady in the Chuck Taylor High Tops. I LOVE those. I have 4 pair.

    I have 2 kids and don't need anymore. We just like practicing to get pregnant! :)

  2. I SO know what you mean about everyone being pregnant! I feel the same as you - stay away. I'm also not ready, even though age-wise I should be popping one or two out! If I can figure out all this new tech stuff, I will def add your blog. Hope your weekend was good!

  3. Moe - Yeah, i think 2 kids is perfect.

    Prixie - Thank you

    Kitty - As long as I have a child by 35, im ok with waiting a bit. I know alot of people say that age-wise I should have one already...oh well....


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