How to act crazy - Part 2: Mail it

I think for a week everyone should try and mail things instead of e-mailing or hand delivering(Im obvioulsy talking personal things here, no work stuff - you loon). Not just to far away people, but to close people too.

Here is a phone conversation that could take place:

friend: Can i borrow that brown skirt of yours
Me: Sure. I'll go drop it at the post office tomorrow.
friend: Why would you do that. I only live 15 minutes away.
Me: It will be cool to see how long it takes. Its an experiment. Im mailing everything this week.
friend: Are you serious?
Me: Yup
friend: Have you been drinking?

For Americans and most of the world its not AS funny to mail things as it will be for South Africans. You see in South Africa its not only a question of how many weeks (yes i said weeks) it will take the package to get to its destination - its also a question of will it get there at all??

Another fun thing you can do using the postal system is send out letters to people from your past. Example: I once mailed the first guy i kissed a long letter explaining why i was glad he was my first kiss (bear in mind this was about 6 years after the event). I didnt sign it or put a return address. I have no idea if he got it. I wish I could have seen his face when he read it. Im sure the letter would have made it onto his blog if he had one.

Oh, another thing you can do is randomly pick a name and address out the phone book and mail something completely random to the person, like maybe send a hammer and a jar of peanut butter and just write a card that says: "you know what must be done" or "if you build it, they will come"


  1. You are still taking the medication hey? Peanut butter and a hammer - was that you?!!!!!!!!!

  2. Charmskool - Medication..however did you know??? yup that was me..surprise.. BWHAHAHAH...

  3. I love that last idea, so tempting, just don't send little envelopes of white powder!

  4. LOL!! OMG!! You are HILARIOUS! Hahaha... This is the most brilliant thing I've read all week!! I LOVE IT!

  5. I haven't mailed anything in 5 years. I think the last thing I mailed was a Lesbian calendar to my sister.

  6. I posted a letter to a friend over two weeks ago-he still hasn't received it. And it was a looong letter-I hope he gets it as he wrote to me twice & it took me ages to reply as getting to the PO was a schlep
    Great idea!

  7. i'm still waiting for that hammer, i could really use one right about now :)

    what a fun idea...!!!

  8. Love it! I'd so enjoy spending a day inside your head, you nutter. Btw, when are you sending Scrappy Coco to play with Izzy? Tell the bunny to bring that peanut butter too.

  9. Po - Good

    My life escape - Thank you. *grins*

    Moe - bwhahahaha

    bb_aisha - yeah , our postal system is up to nonsense here.

    Sweets - its in the mail ;-)

    Tamara - I can safely assure you that you would not like spending a day in my head..very cluttered. I sent Scrappy Coco in the mail 2 days ago..heehee...he likes to travel in boxes.

  10. Wow, your brain works in strangely entertaining ways. I also enjoyed your imaginary pet idea!

  11. Kitty - Much cheaper than a real pet, hey? Lol


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