Territorial ramblings

My mom (who is separated and getting divorced from my dad) seems to have a very active social life lately and its all thanks to her new "friend".... Lets just call him Bob the Brit.

My mom says she is not dating Bob the Brit, but I can see Bob the Brit wants to date her (grrrr). This fact alone makes him annoying.

I think Bob the Brit needs to earn the right to be liked by me. At the moment he is no where close to winning me over. True, his only crimes are: trying to date my mother and being overly nice to me and my sister - but thats enough, dont you think?

Recent conversation with Mom & Bob the Brit -

Mom (to Bob): BB, wants us to get her a bracelet when we go there
Bob: Well, thats depends how nice BB is to me *chuckles*
Me: I guess i wont be getting a bracelet then
Bob: Just for that we will just get you a cheap junk bracelet *chuckles*
Me: * rolls eyes *
Bob: Just joking, Darling , we will get you one
Me: Mom, all of a sudden i really dont want anything
Mom: BB, you are terrible *laughs*
Me: Sorry mom, but so is your taste *grins*

Maybe i am just being a childish cow,
maybe i am just being territorial for my fathers sake or
maybe i just dont think Bob The Brit is worthy of my mom


  1. I'm like that with my sisters' boyfriends when I first meet them - they have to take some time to win me over.

    My sister dated this real idiot a while ago and I was very short with me. He then said, "With the way you talk to me I'd swear you don't like me." To which I replied, "I don't like you." Call me catty but my sisters are top class ladies, only the very best will do!

  2. BB - That is so sweet.

    Thats how i feel about my mom - only the best will do (and since my dad isnt going to be it- well, its going to be a long search i think)


  3. Sorry for my memory lapse or not knowing, but are your folks recently divorced?

    I had to deal with new "moms" and "dad's" when I was young, so I'm used to that now, but it's totally natural. Even now, actually, I'm a little wary of my dad's new girlfriend. It's as if you're the parent checking out the suitability of the new guy.

  4. Kitty - My parents are getting divorced, but they have been living apart for a bunch of years now.

    I think its normal for children to be a bit territorial :)

  5. be nice :)

    why they try to be overly nice is just stupid, whatever happened to "be yourself"...??

    good luck ((hugs)) and GIVE HIM HELL!!!

  6. awe hun...totally unqualified to give advice here;( i think it's normal to be a bit territorial...and of course you only want the best for your mum. Just be careful not to be overly territorial OK?

  7. Sweets - Thanks..I really do need to try be nicer. Hugs back.

    Ruby - you are very right. I really do need to not get Overly territorial. Guess i am just learning how to deal with this kinda thing :)

  8. that is funny. i would be the EXACT same way but probably worse :)

  9. He sounds totally worthy!

  10. Hmmm... the fact that he's a foreigner probably makes it more difficult. The fact that he thinks he's funny too ;-)


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