10 things i learnt - this weekend

1. People who drink in the sun can be persuaded to buy almost anything. I now own a handmade, wire, beaded sheep..lol
2. I do want my mother to have a social life, but her actually dating freaks me out. Big time.
3. Lack of sleep is a cheap way to get that drunken, delirious feeling
4. I love seafood - Prawns, fish, calamari..garlic butter.....but I still struggle to get over the fact that Prawns have creepy beady eyes and resemble giant bugs.
5. "The Bucket List" is an awesome movie (watch with tissues). I have so many things on my mental bucket list, i really should write them all down.
6. Its hard to find jeans that are the right length. I need to find a good tailor in Cape Town (anyone know one?)
7. The Boyf is the yummiest man alive (ok, this i have known for quite some time)
8. Quitting caffeine is going to be much harder than i thought. I actually begged for a can of coke this weekend.
9. I like to watch stupid comedies (but i wont always admit to this)
10. I really need to find a way to earn more money Or find a way to spend less - seriously. Im open to any ideas here ;)

To see a few snaps of my weekend click HERE or look at previous post.


  1. I LOVE your list! We have too much in common! lol

  2. Lol....

    I love your list too...


  3. Nice list. I could not give up caffeine, no way.

  4. I'm a list person too, but yours are so much more exciting than mine! As for earning more or spending less... When you go out, take a set amount of cash with you and leave your cards behind. That way, there's only so much you can spend. Otherwise, find a rich friend to pity and pamper you ;-)

  5. AW man those pics! :(...did you go to the italian place in Hout Bay?? They have the best pizzas in the world

  6. Aah, I am a sucker for beaded animals! And I know what you mean about jeans being too long, I pin mine up with those round badge thingies.

  7. I have a gorgeous miniature wire pig as a memento from too much vodka on Camps Bay beach one day, I love him! Even though he was WAY overpriced ;-)

    As for jeans, this week is my Perfect Jeans shopping week. I have given myself 5 days to find the perfect pair. I'm so scared I won't be able to that I've psyched myself out of going today - great start!! :-P

  8. My life escape - thanks, heehee

    BLue sunflower - Thank you muchly

    Mrs D - Seems like i cant either.lol

    Tamara - Good advice...now to make a very rich friend...

    Miss T - Do you mean Luigis? Actually i went to the Chapmans Peak Hotel for Lunch

    Elizabeth - Thank you :)

    Po - I think i am a sucker for them too - i now have a sheep and a penguin

    Lopz - ive seen those pink wire pigs - cuteness. I swear those wire animal sellers charge crazy prices and seem to target anyone drinking alcohol.heehee. Good luck finding a perfect pair of jeans.

  9. i loved that movie!!!! i made a bucket list too (on my blog a while ago) it's a really good idea to do... life is too short :)

  10. I'm thinking of quitting material things, instead of coffee. The older I get, the less I care about "stuff." I've just been trading down with everything.
    For example....I got rid of the big pickup truck and got a civic hybrid.
    Like me for who I am....not what I've got....is my new mantra.
    It also saves a lotta money.

  11. Sweets - great movie - great idea. I agree

    Moe - I completely agree...we all really dont need as much as we think (and are led to believe)

  12. Loved your list, but giving up coffee was just too much to read about. Gave me withdrawal symptoms straightaway!

  13. What a load of old Krap


    I mean - which web-site did yo copy that load of old bollocks from?

  14. Its not just seafood. If you think about anything that isn't a plant or a vegitable, they all used to moving around once apon a time. No one would actually eat meat if they had to kill the thing and carve it up in order to do so.


    .........and expeirence has taught me never to get drunk in the sun. It costs me in more ways than one.

  15. Ladyfi - Yeah, Im beginning to think quitting caffeine is a bad idea myself :)

    Mr Pineapples - Thank you foe my first rude comment :) Copy? Actually i think all this crap up myself..ha ha ha

    Lotus - You are so right, i would definitely look at meat differently if i had to kill it myself

  16. hmmmm.....i also have a problem finding the perfect jean, but i my case, they are usually to short;( and i'm not even really tall or anything...just fussy about the length...i guess.

    I'm off to visit the parentals for 4 days, hurray hurray..mountains here i come!

  17. haha do you know that i don't even like coffee but reading your blog makes me crave it? lol


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