What Spring Day?

Its Monday..again...grrrrrrrr...will this Monday nonsense never stop?

Today is not just any Monday, today is also Spring Day (AKA a cruel joke for Capetonians). This year Spring day seriously sucks for two reasons:

1. There is absolutely no sign of Spring! In fact Cape Town had one of its worst weather weekends in a while and trust me when i say its very yukky and cold outside today still.
2. Its Monday - and Monday is definitely not the best day for celebrating anything (public holiday Mondays excluded of course)

At least there is a bright side to all the chilly weather (got to be positive) It is great cuddle up weather, its a great excuse to avoid exercise and we can all still hide under layers and layers of clothing. heehee. Anyhow, i am going to climb out from under my desk and go and warm up my soup now.
PS - To everyone actually having a sunny day today - Happy Spring Day!


  1. hmmm....i don't think i've ever experienced a warm spring day...come to think of it. It's always cold, or rainy or windy.

    But happy spring day to you!

  2. I hope the weather that side clears up by next week. Its the one thing I hate about Cape Town.

  3. Ruby - thank you. Hope you having a good spring day.

    Leez - thanks for stopping by :) Hope it clears up too - roll on summer!

  4. Ah it's not that bad...it's cold yes but hey...the flowers are out & that's always a good sign that Spring is on its way :)

  5. spring? in september? crivens.

  6. Candy Grrl - I like your positive outlook on it. I think i was just grumpy yesterday.heehee

  7. globus......spring in september is normal for us hun:)

  8. at least the trees and stuff are budding... there's that... but no, not much else :)

  9. Yes, Spring Day sucked here in the Cape. WTF. And now that the sun is shining [though it is still pretty nippy noodles] there are these silly little couples running around, holding hands, kissing etc etc.

    I used to love spring, but I want it to go away now and leave me to be alone, cold and depressed.

    Cool blog =0)

  10. Lindie Lover - Thanks for stopping by.

    Hope you start feeling better soon - you seem a bit sad. *hugs


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