Bye, moooody cow

I have been a moody cow lately (there, i said it..). I dont know what has made me feel this way but i know i hate the way it feels. Plus its mega unattractive and makes people think im a cow face (I like to think i am usually neither of those things ).

Sometimes i have no reason to be moody, i just am. I think its a combination of being bratty, hormonal, negative thinking and being plain stubborn. While a little child may be able to get away with tantrums, eye rolling looks and sulking often, I certainly can not anymore.

Today i have decided that its time to say good-bye to the moody cow (she wont be missed). I even pinky swore on this (and thats VERY binding, you know).
To help keep the moody cow away I should : Keep exercising, think happy thoughts, get loads of sleep, avoid too much sugar, stop being a stubborn ass (all easier said than done) and take some prozac (JUST kidding..heehee).

My friend, Miss Herbal, says i should also take a good multi-vitamin that is high in B vitamins (B12 shots are also good)
PS - I also find alcohol helps my mood (but only in moderation).
......hmmmm, that reminds me I need to buy some wine.


  1. Geez, your blog is sick today...had to take a back route to get here...kept telling me 'page not found on blogger"

    Anyway Ms No-more-moody...I feel like the same some days. Usually when works shit and I don't want to be there...after work drinks with friends is usually a good remedy!

    Pink Swears and like the most powerful swears anyone can swore!

  2. ...thats suppose to be pinky swears!

  3. Ches - My blog was evil & anti-social today.
    Pinky swears are the bomb....very binding...hard to get out of a pinky swear.

    Alcohol anytime - anywhere - helps mood...after work, during work..before work...LOL

  4. Cheers to loving life! It IS hard to do somedays, in the end it's always up to us and you've done the first step, and sounds like you're going on a good path. try some Zen or Feng Shui music in a hot bath, amazing how you feel when you get out. I like to fake smile until it becomes real, that happens a lot. I wish you luck and will be keepting track of your progress. peace my blogger friend.

  5. Brazen - For me nothing improves my mood more than sipping a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc in sunshine!

    Enjoy :-)

  6. Bambi - great suggestions...Thank you

    DT - Oooh good one. I like to drink alcohol in the sun too....wonderful

  7. Hi BB, how do i get me one of those B12 injections you mentioned?

  8. Just remember.. too much wine can bring back the whining, moody cow thingy... Chocolate is always good - works every time.

  9. I hate it when my moody cow shows up. I try to stuff her face with chocolate in hopes she'll shut up. Sometimes that helps :)

    Oh, yeah, I tagged you on my blog :)

  10. I'm moody too....but when I'm moody,I stop talking and then my wife gets mad at me...Really Mad!

  11. We all get moody once in a while. We all have our cyclical ups and downs. It is just when the ups get way to high or the downs get way to low that have to worry.

  12. WHERE do you get your awesome pics?

    I've been a bit moody lately, too. Men will do that to you.

  13. But you ARE a Cowface!

    And I mean that in the most loving way possible.


  14. Wine makes me happy too! :) I have been a moody cow for the past two days..but I haven't felt well so I think that gives me an least I think so! :0)

  15. Yay! Hip hooray!!! I can post a comment again! So are you finally starting to enjoy red wine? I also found it's an acquired taste but now I LOVE it! I like the "mellow" ones that are easy drinking (usually the cheapies) otherwise I can't handle red wine either.
    Jogging should do wonders for your mood - so they say. I dunno, I never keep up one form of exercise for too long myself.

  16. Po - You can get a B12 injection from most places that give other shots (like flu shots etc...) A place I would reccomend is Having a B12 shot at the Wellness warehouse in Cavendish Mall. The nurse there gives almost painless injections.

    Ladyfi -I try to do most things in moderation :)

    Miss Caught up - thanks for thinking of me....hmmm...chocolates...I need some of those too

    Moe - HA HA HA HA

    Bruce - I agree

    Mrs D - I get them from all over. I will admit i really search for good pictures. sometimes it takes me longer to find a picture i like than write the blog post..LOL

    Mish Mish - I miss you xx

    Megan - I use all kind of excuses to get away with my moodiness.

    Kitty - Hooray for that!!! I usually like cheap wine too.

  17. oooh, can i have some wine tooo???


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