A change would do you good

Lately i have found myself feeling a bit dull, anxious, bleugh and generally unenthusiastic...So i decided i really need to make a few changes - They say a change is as good as a holiday. So i plan to see if thats true.

Here are some changes I want to make (I do like making lists, dont I?):

1. Less junk food, sugar and fatty foods - this means alot more green food and alot more water. It wont be easy, but my body will thank me for it later :)
2. Do more outdoor activies - I must start doing more stuff outdoors. Even if its just taking a walk or sitting on the beach once a week.
3. Lose some of the "winter wobble" - When its winter most of us tend to comfort eat and eat to keep warm (or at least thats what we say). I think i picked up just a tiny bit over the chilly season, but best to get rid of it before it gets out of hand.
4. Be more spontaneous - I have become an over organiser. If its unplanned and comes at me at the last minute it makes me nervous. I need to begin to embrace the spontaneous and just get dressed and go sometimes :)
5. Clear all the house clutter - oh yes, its time for a big clean. I will conquer the chaos (and I'll probably find a few missing items while i am at it)
6. Enjoy harmony - Ive always been a bit of conflict junkie (though i didnt like to admit to it). I grew up in a house where people didnt back down too easily and engaging in conflict wasnt seen as a weakness. As i have gotten older, and moved away from "conflict zones" (some which i created), I find that all I want now is more harmony. I want to learn to speak without anger and try end any arguement before it really starts.
7. Stop sweating the small stuff- I think it seems so easy to say but not so easy to do. IF its something little and not actually a crisis its best to just remain calm and let it go. Like if a guy cuts you off in traffic, just breathe and smile. Its just traffic. Its nothing important.
8. Give space and get space - I love spending lots of time with The Boyf, but i need to give him a bit more space and take a little more space for myself.
9. Connect more - with God, my good friends and my family - not just a "howdy" every now and then, but a long conversation with meaning and often.
10. Be more lovable - (sounds cheesy I know) Sometimes i dont think I make myself very lovable. Maybe its sometimes a silly thought telling me i am unworthy of it or just because i can be stupidly stubborn. I believe that in order to love and be loved you need to take down your "walls". Noone will love you if they cant really see you - and you cant really love them if you keep them at a distance ;)
11. Be more disciplined - Actually stick to my new diet plan (number 1) and be disciplined enough to save some money every month instead of just spending it all.


  1. me, too. I"m with you on the number 1- and the winter wobble. I got your ba k!

  2. I'm with you on most of those changes, except for the conflict one. I'm the opposite, always backing away from conflict, I hate it, but then I end up not saying how I feel. As you can tell, I'm trying not to be such a conflict-phobe now. I'm putting my foot down.

  3. Good list...Im all for a sober November.

  4. I keep thinking I should make a list to encourage myself from being too lazy but I am too lazy to make a list!

  5. Ha ha, I love your list-making as I am a compulsive list-maker. I make lists FOR EVERYTHING. And I love that you plan to be more spontaneous - that's something I would do, along with planning to be more fun!
    Also try to remember to be easy on yourself - that's one hell of a list, I wish I could do all those things!

  6. At first I was like "but winter's about to start!" but then I realized, oh yeah, you're in the southern hemisphere. Duh. lol.

    Great list of goals. Especially the sweating the small stuff. So not worth the fuss.

  7. I'm a sweatin the small stuff guy....I don't know why....but it's going to kill me. Great List!

  8. sounds like new years resolutions. ;p but i reckon its always a good idea to make better life choices. all the best - may they become as easy as habits!

  9. A change would do me good!
    Who wouldn't it do good.

    I need to keep up with my reading assignments and study every night instead of right before a test (LIKE TODAY!)

    Good luck to us all!

  10. Good thing you didn't do this at the end of december, it could have been mistaken for a new year's resolution....which are usually doomed to fail......he he:)

    Good luck hun!!! Stick to it, it'll be worth it in the end!

  11. Good for you! Nothing like a list to clearly formulate your goals and help you stick to them. Go for it girl!


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