Run, Brazen, run...

This morning as the sun was rising The Boyf and I went for a jog. Seriously, we did. This was a real change for me as I never run.......well, not unless i am being chased by something or trying to get away from some kind of evil bug ( i loathe bugs).

Anyway, jogging/running was actually fun, but after about 20 minutes I thought i was going to fall over and have a mini heart attack. I am so unfit - its a bit embaressing really.

The Boyf was really great to run with and was very encouraging -
Me: Can i walk yet? *panting and puffing*
Boyf: you are doing really well
Me: *panting and puffing*
Boyf: You dont even run like a girl
Me: Thanks...heehee.. *puffing*
Boyf: You have an athletic run
Me: *weezing, puffing and panting* Of course i do, im hardcore
Boyf: *laughs*
Me: Can i walk a bit now? *puffing, panting, clutching chest*
Boyf: Nope, just a bit further*laughs*

Today I feel really good and very energised, So I think i am going to try to keep up this jog/run thing. I'll keep you posted on my progress :)


  1. 'You don't even run like a girl'...HA HA HA, classic.

  2. I'd like to run- but my knees are SHOT. So, I ride the low bike instead. Not enough, however. not enough.

  3. Hooray for you! I find running to be so hard and torturous, so I admire anyone who can do it. Good for you!!

  4. I enjoy a good run, the "runner's high" is so great afterwards. But the run itself can be a bit tough. I can do 5kms max so far. Good luck with keeping it up!

  5. I'm going to wait for these posts and just live vicariously through you. K? ;)

  6. hehe sounded cool i want someone to run with, I get so bored otherwise!

  7. I used to love running when I lived in CT - particularly along Sea Point prom. Good on you!
    I try to run in JHB but I always maintain that the air is too thin (read: I am unfit) so it's really just a brisk walk!

  8. Okay, I'm knackered just reading that. I can't run, I have these things that threatened to whack me in the face when I do. Use your imagination.

    But I am impressed... and I think you will fit in well at Nano.

  9. Ah, running. I tried that once. Saw a bear. End of running (except for my mad dash back home away from the bear).

    If you have a blog email, could you send it to me? Blogger doesn't capture emails so I can't respond to your comments, which really messes with my OCD!

    When I signed into dashboard to see if I'd actually be inspired to write a post, on the right hand side they have a "featured today" button and Being Brazen was listed first! Woo Hoo!

  10. you've been tagged:

  11. :o) Fab! Well done you! I can't run as I have dodgy joints but I always think that if I could (and if I could get past my terrible lack of fitness!) I'd love it. Slicing through the fresh air, taking in the sights, sounds and smells all around. Brilliant! You have inspired me to go to the gym this evening ....!

  12. I am the anti-runner as well. But one day I literally woke up and the first thing I thought was "I want to run!"

    I only did it that one day. And for only five minutes. I think I have asthma because it felt like a truck hit me.


  13. Well done!*cheering from the sideline sipping on my chocolate milkshake*

  14. if you run for 2'll be amazed how much more energy you have.....

    I'm a workout addict, but you'd never know by looking at me

  15. i was only able to muster 5 min on the treadmill the first time i tried to run.. And i use the word run here very loosely.. It was more of an awkward jog..

    5 weeks later and I have finally got to 24 min without feeling like my heart and lungs are being ripped through my poophole..

    So I agree with the bf.."you are doing really well"

  16. Thank you Everyone!!!

    The support is much appreciated.

    My legs may be aching, but I feel rather good anyway :)

    *hugs to all*

  17. oh well done girl!!!!! I don't jog, after the accident running isn't really something I can do without hurting myself, but i do a pilates session and 40min on the stepping machine in the evening....does that count?

  18. Ruby - Thanks. Do you do 40 minutes every night? I think any exercise definitely counts :)

  19. running is great, especially in the morning, nothing like it!

    just don't do too much at first otherwise you'll start to resent it...


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