Work, weddings and wine

Work woes- So, ive been thinking..which honestly happens too much .....that i really dont like my job. Despite some efforts to request more work and even enroll in a correspondence course (which i am not really into) I still find myself unchallenged and uninterested in work.

I have decided that if things dont change at work by the beginning of next year i will definitely be looking for a new job. Im sharing this with y'all because i want other people to read this decision and hopefully that way I cant back out of it.

Wedding daze - My good friend, Twinkle, is in the process of planning her March 2009 wedding. Its fabulous that she has met a great guy and is so happily inlove. Im so excited for her wedding.
It seems like sooo many people are getting engaged and married at the moment - I must admit, its making me feel a little envious. I literally can not wait to plan my wedding one day. Like every girl i have dreamed about the big white dress and colour scheme for years....I still think it may be a while until my "i do".... I am just going to be patient ;)

Winey wine - Lately i have actually started enjoying having a glass of wine ( Mainly Shiraz and Pinotage). The Boyf really loves wine, so i thought i should really try to apprecaite it. Plus, I used to feel extremely uncultured asking for my Malibu rum & Coke while everyone else would be sipping on nice wine. The way i think it works with wine is - the more often you drink it, the more you like it. So i am trying to drink it often and hope to adore it very soon ;)
PS - Have a look - My friend, Superficial Girl, has re-started her blog. Its called Superficial Girls. Go check it out and show her a little bloggyland love.


  1. Awww, thanks so much for the mention!! :) I also love pinotage, its my favorite type of wine!

  2. Love Superficialgirls blog - i've been following for a week or so now.. today's post... HILARIOUS!

    VINO VINO VINO - try Alto Rouge

    DELICIOUS! and easy on the pallet :)

  3. Work Woes...Eish, not lekker! Change is as good as a holiday.

    Wedding daze...I'm so with you on that...I've spent so much money on bachelor parties and wedding gifts over the last month, and there's more to come.

    Winey Wine...shiraz, hmmm, spicey!

  4. I looove wine. IT took me some time to get used to but now I am hooked.

  5. I completely know what you are talking about when it comes to work. I hate that my job isn't challenging and interesting! It's such a slow pace job most of the time! Hopefully your job situation will get better soon!
    Going to check out your friends blog now!

  6. I waited until 28 to get married. I had never thought about or planned my wedding like other girls. But when I got going, I went a wee bit over the top!

    I hope your job situation improves. There's nothing worse than not wanting to go to work.

  7. Oh the three W's of Wednesday!

    On the wine note, are you liking the red wines or white wines more?

  8. Yup - the more you drink wine, the more it grows on you (so to speak) ... it takes practice, practice, practice!


    That's all. ;)

  10. You will go through stages in your 'job' life. In your younger, more formidable years, you will look for meaning and satisfaction in your work. Latter on you will just seek stability and the possibility of retirement. I no longer really 'work' at my job due to the extreme frustration level with my co-worker and job structure (read through my blog for all the sordid details).

    As for the wine, true, the more you drink the more you want. It has kept me sane for the last 10 years.

  11. im with ya, sister!

    if things dont turn around for me here by january, im jumping ship too, which would be a shame since ive been here for 14 years now...

  12. Ugh. I feel you on the job thing. I am SO over my job too, but I feel stuck. Running a daycare is the only thing I can do to stay home with my own kids. I'm frustrated with it though...and I can't blog about it because some of the kids parents read my blog and I don't want to freak them out.

    I'm looking at at least four more years of this.

    Let the countdown begin...

    And promise me that when you DO start planning your wedding, you don't get SO wrapped up in it that you forget what the wedding is about in the first place. Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of that. :)

  13. Lyndsau - Hope your job situation gets better soon too

    Shania - overboard is good :)

    Glows to green - I like Red a bit more at the moment..but really like Chardonnay with fish.

    Slyde - Hope your job improves. If not good luck. It can be so daunting changing jobs (especially, if you have worked there 14 years)

    Mama's losing it - I promise.
    Hope your job situation gets better too. :)

  14. Ahem . . . ALL little girls don't dream about their wedding day. Speak for yourself.


  15. Yay! Your blog is letting me post comments again. Yesterday it was being mean spirited and nasty to me.

    Btw... what's your email address? I wanted to mail you to tell on your blog yesterday and realised that I don't have any way to contact you except on said nasty blog.

    I had a lovely wine the other day that I have to recommend to you... the Backsberg Rose. The best rose I've ever had - not to sweet, not to dry. Yum!

    Ok, essay complete now.

  16. Tamara - Yes, my blog was highly anti-social yesterday.

    my e-mail is: Beingbrazen AT gmail. I have tried The backsberg Rose - really great. You clearly have fabulous tatse :) Let me know if you taste any others i should try.

    The backsberg pinotage is also very good.


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