Tagged and tired

Miss caught up tagged me a few days ago to list 6 random things/quirks or habits about myself:

So here goes...

1. I have a bit of OCD. I'm one of those people who checks if doors are locked more than twice and thinks they may have left the iron on alot.
2. I once spotted Heath Ledger walking around in London, so I followed him (wouldnt you?). I only followed him 10 minutes before i felt too much like a creepy stalker to carry on.
3. I currently have a red power ranger toothbrush head on my electric toothbrush.
4. I like to keep all my shoes in boxes.
5. I dont know how to drive a manual (or stick) car well. I only drive an automatic (its probably because I got my license in america).
6. My mom says that the sloth from the movie Ice Age reminds her of me.

Today i am feeling spacey. The Boyf and i went to a birthday party last night. This fact made it sooooo hard to get out of bed this morning.

I am trying hard to stay focused on work but my mind keeps floating to thoughts of fluffy pillows and soft beds..... I cannot wait to just get home and sleep.

Note to self: Try not to attend parties on week nights and if you have to, consider calling in sick.


  1. we have someone at work here (who we ALL HATE) that we call Sid because he looks just like the sloth in ice age.. maybe ther're realated..

  2. I learned to drive on a stick shift. My first 3 vehicles were stick. Now I have a manual transmission and I miss shifting so badly. Brings out the race car driver in me. :-)

  3. I like to keep my shoes in boxes too :) It's so much easier to find them.

    OOoooh.. the party night before and then to work. That would make anyone spacey. :( Sorry, I hope you get to go home soon.

  4. I'm with Mrs. D. My first car was a stick. Well, the one I always borrowed from my parents was, I guess. I figured they bought it to keep me from wanting to borrow it.

    Get some rest, kiddo!

  5. wow, Heath Ledger, that is so cool.

  6. You have a Power Ranger toothbrush head.....owwww, will you marry me? I swear I am not a geek and I don't live in my parents basement....really.

  7. I probably would have done more than follow. Things that probably would've landed me in custody.

  8. i love your facts. And, I totally love the sloth..

  9. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! I always party on weeknights. I'm starting to show signs of slowing, though. I used to be able to stroll into work on 2 hours of sleep. Now, I need at least 4! ;)

  10. Loved your list. I am with you on the OCD thing - mine mainly revolves around fretting that we have locked up properly at night and leaving the iron on is a fave too.

  11. I keep most of my shoes in boxes too...well, the expensive ones and the boots anyway, the cheaper ones are all in on big box:)

    I'm so with you on feeling tired....I went to a party last night, and had lots and lots of trouble getting out of bed this morning!

  12. ha, you saw Heath Legder? thats so cool. I also have a bit of OCD and i also like keeping my shoes in boxes! the power ranger toothbrush head has to be the quirkiest on your list :)

  13. lol - awesome post .... i love the stalker piece... sooooo something i would do!

    ps: Left something for u on my blog

  14. Ha ha - my hubby also says I remind him of the Sloth! I have no idea why?

    Hope you've recovered some sleep.

  15. That is hilarious! Aww I'm envious...wish I could keep my shoes in a box with a polaroid of the pair attached! Lovely...but I have no storage!

    Hey...at least tomorrow is Friday, so you don't have to feel too bad! x

  16. Slyde - Lol...he must be very weird looking

    Mrs D - Ive heard that driving with gears brings out the race car driver in alot of people

    Miss Caught up - Thanks, I feel well rested today

    Sass - will do

    Po - yeah it was cool, and noone else was following him - just me - cause its before he was REALLY famous. He had only done 10 things.. and A knights Tale had just come out

    Bruce - HA HA HA HA...your comment is so funny.

    Shania - When i look back now i wish i had harrassed him a bit more.lol

    Vodka mom - thanks

    Miss heather leigh - or should i just call you miss party animal ;)

    Gill - OCD seems to be too common an issue with poeple nowdays. at least i am not alone in my madness...heehee

    Ruby - hope you survived the day ok, hun.

    Nk - yeah, i guess it is pretty quirky. Truth be told i really like my toothbrush head, but wish it was a pink power ranger instead.

    mylifescape - you rock! thank you

    Kitty - must be that we are very animated people.

    Blogshell - wish i had poloroids on my boxes - now that would be cool.Yippee for Friday tomorrow.

  17. I love the power ranger toothbrush. I love quirky stuff like that.


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