A bit of a babble

I wont lie to you, I am not in a writing mood today. but Its good to keep up the writing even on days like these. Its so easy to slip out of the blogging groove. I guess I cant really expect myself to be in an enthusiastic writing mood everyday. Thankfully I dont have too many days where i feel like writing is a mission.

The worrying "R" word has been thrown around at my work alot these days.Dont people resalise "retrenchment" is not a word people want to hear before christmas time. It doesnt exactly put people in a festive mood. Im not too worried about myself, but hey you can never be 100% sure how indispensable you are in a big company.

Health note: I am currently taking Omega 3 fish oil tablets (1000mg a day). Omega 3 is so fantastically awesome. My hair has never been healthier and my nails have been growing so much better since I started taking it. Not only is it great for hair and nails, but its allso good for your heart. If you dont already take it , you should give it a try.

I am a pretty addicted to the Twilight book series right now. They are very easy, get-lost-in -it kind of reads. I am about to start reading the fourth book in the series. Thankfully its the last book in the series (well, for now anyway), so after this one I can take a break from being a complete bookworm for a little bit.
Who else is reading the series at the moment? What do you think?

While on this subject, I must add that I am jealous that The Twilight movie (which is based on the first book) is coming out in America tomorrow. I still have to wait a month and a bit for the movie to come out here. I can not wait to see if Hollywood does the novel justice.

The week has been dragging....thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!


  1. Thanks.. I hate when that happens!

    The two main actors were on the Today Show this morning... it might be on their website--you should check it out.

    I may have to check out Twlight now.. Why were you drawn to the novels?

  2. people are going nuts in america for that movie right now! i may have to see it....

  3. I know how you feel. Sometimes, I just don't feel like writing. That's why it helps (for me, anyway) to make a few posts that are scheduled when I'm in a writing frenzy. That way when I don't feel like writing, or feel like I have nothing to write about, I at least have a little something. :)

  4. I have no desire to do any writing right now either. Weird. Holidays, maybe?

    I'm totally and completely LOST in the 4th book of the series.

    I'm not going to be seeing the movie anytime soon, though...can't make myself go alone. Although, it'd be quite relaxing! ;)

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Twilight series!! I can't wait for the movie.

  6. Love from New Orleans - I will definitely check out the video. I actually read an article about Stephenie Meyer and it got me curious. I like magical and romance novels, so i thought let me take a look.

    Slyde - I think you may have to

    Miss heather - I should really try and do a scheduled post every now and then :)

    Sass - you are so write its probably just due to the holiday season. I cant wait to get into the fourth book :)

    Mrs D - me too! so exciting. Love the actors they chose for the main parts. great casting.

  7. I'm glad you still blog even when you don't feel like writing. I haven't even started the Twilight series, I must get hold of a copy.

  8. Hey thats not lekker, the R word. Shame man.

    Fish Oil...ok, like a little Salmon Nagiri?

    Have a great weekend BB.

  9. Hey Kitty Cat and I just commented at exactly the same time...wierd!? Twilight Zone....

  10. Twilight opens here in Sweden today, Friday... but as yet I haven't read any of the books.

  11. Kitty - thanks. you should get the first book soon and see if it gets you hooked.

    Ches - ya, sucks. Heehee...sushi in a pill :)

    Ladyfi - the books are not for eveyone, but if you keen to see what all the hype is about you should just go watch the film.

  12. I'm glad you keep posting even we're you're not lus to do it (how would one translate that word into Eng, btw?).

    Hate the 'r' word.

  13. I am in LOVE with Twilight. Can't wait for when it comes out here in SA! :)


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