Book junkie

I really love to read. I love to read so much that I think if i could never read again it would be a kind of hell for me.

When choosing a book to read I try stay away from anything political, depressing, scary or disturbing - if i want that i'll just read the news.
I seem to favour fiction with maybe a twirl of romance and a touch of magic (or the supernatural). I really do mean just a touch of magic, I cant actually handle insane, over-the-top, geek fantasy.

Since i am being honest, I should admit I like to read what I wish I had written and what I feel is closest to my own writing style (don't most wannabe authors?)

These are a few authors I really adore - Alice Hoffman, Sarah Addison Allen, Sue Monk Kidd and Stephenie Meyer.

Currently I am devouring the Twilight saga.
What type of books grab you? Id love to hear...


  1. I used to read ANYTHING by Dean Koontz. But he got away from the writing style (supernatural) that drew me to him. Patricia Cornwell is a favorite too.

    Lately, I have been reading funny stuff. like "Be Happy or I'll Scream",
    "Are you there Vodka, its me, Chelsea", "My Horizontal Life; A collection of One Night Stands"

    The latter 2 being by Chelsea HAndler... all are hilarious and a great break from reality.

  2. I am a huge Patricia Cornwell fan too DIZZBLND!! :)

    I'm a chick book kind of girl too... Marian Keys, Jane Green etc... but also love Sadie Smith ...white teeth was a great book.

    I need to make time to read more tho! And less time infront of the evil box!

  3. I loved the Twilight series. My 15 year old sister got me into them. I have yet to read The Host, but its on my to do list.
    My favorite authors are Candace Bushnell and Jennifer Weiner. I am currently reading One Fifth Avenue by Candace Bushnell. Her books are all funny and for the most part take place in NYC (she is the author of Sex and the City).

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  5. I think you rock so I left you a gift on my blog!
    I am about to start A Confederacy of Dunces... but I must admit I am a HUGE Dave Sedaris fan... try "Me Talk Pretty One Day," I literally cried from laughing so hard

  6. I find it hard to work out what I like to read. I love anything that is unusual and unexpected.

    But that is rather broad, right?

    I think J6hn Fowles's books, the collector, the magus, a maggot etc are good examples of what I like.

  7. I'm a guy....I like to read manuals.....real life is weird enough...I don't need to dilute it with fiction.

  8. when i was younger when my mom wanted to ground me or punish me she would say


    my god that used to make me miserable!

    i like reading non fiction novels
    but im also a slacker for romance such as judith mcnaught

    im so nt a sci fi girl

    but maybe i should give it a second chance

  9. I LOVE Sue Monk Kidd. I am reading Dean koontz and Suzanne Brockman. Did someone up there say vodka? Now I'm distracted......

  10. total book junkie too :) the moment I'm reading "the white tiger" by Aravind Adiga. Absolutely love India and this give you such an insiders view

  11. Anything, seriously, I read the back of cereal boxes, newspapers, magazines, From Archer to Yeats.

    I must admit to having a fondness for Patricia Cornwell, Wilbur Smith, Deon Meyer,Both the Kellermans, Kathy Reichs, Tom Sharpe, John Sandford, Jeffrey Deaver, John Grisham and many more.

    I recently read some girly crap, because I had read everything else multiple times.

    I am unable to sleep if I have not read a few chapters.

  12. I've slowly but surely been working on reading A Clockwork Orange. It's great so far, and I already love the movie. Just I wish I had (or made more time) to read. :/

  13. Ooh, I LOVED this post, 'cos I agree with everything you said! I could've written it. I also love to read the kind of books I think I might write. I also think if I couldn't read, I'd feel pretty depressed. Heaven, for me, would be a huge library and lots of tea/coffee and a big couch to read on.

  14. PS: My fav's are Jane Green and Marian Keyes as well, just like mylifescape. Hee hee.

  15. TO ALL - Thanks for answering the question bloggy pals, I am loving finding out what y'all are reading - very interesting.

    Sleepyjane - I love Twilight too - Can not wait for the movie to come here. Have you read the whole series???

  16. My reading is fairly eclectic, and I also stay away from heavy, political and ultimately boring topics.

    Currently my favourite author is Haruki Murakami... he writes such amazing stories and has a real knack for making the ordinary seem extraordinary. Only problem is, it's damn hard to read anything else after a good Murakami!

    I also veer towards crap like Jilly Cooper when I'm not in the mood to think, lol.

    But I will most likely at least try and read anything really, if it looks vaguely readable.

  17. Your choice of writers is really good! As for me, I'm reading 'An Old Curiousity Shop' now.

  18. I am terrible at finishing a whole book. Which is a shame because I'm a good reader and I do enjoy it. But its just one of those things that never get finished.

    Mu current unfinished book is a book published by a very dear retired high school history teacher; William Howey. It is titled Hard Knocks and Straight Talk. It is about his time serving in the marines and also teaching. I was lucky enough to see him and have him sign my book!

    I am afraid to even start the Twilight series, lol!

  19. Gosh I read such a wide variety of stuff! I love Carl Hiaasen and Douglas Coupland. Have just started a new book called Calamity topic in physics by Marisha Pessl. Oh - and I strongly recommend the wonderful book: The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.

  20. I have not heard of the Host.. let us know!

  21. LOL @ Bruce. Anyway, I too am a book whore, although a picky one. I hate sci-fi and sappy romance. Love Carl Hiaasen, am working through Janet Evanovich's Plum series, have read most of John Grisham's books. Really liked and re-read all the time: Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood (before they ever made a movie and made it famous) & The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi.

  22. After finishing The Historian, I decided I better read some Chelsea Handler. She is SOOOO funny!


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