A decade of me

Po and Chester, suggested I do this meme...so i did.

I realise this post looks rather long.....but I assure you this is the shortest I could make it ;-)

1998 - It was my final year of high school.I had bright, blood, red hair. I wore very bright clothes. I wrote sad, deep poetry.I wore too much jewellery. I dated Mr. Hot. He looked just like Kurt Cobain. He had a motorbike. I made a few girls jealous. It only lasted 3 months and then he dumped me. I was too "innocent" for him.

1999 - I enrolled and then dropped out of journalism college. I fell into infatuation with Mr. Ego. I packed my bags and moved to London to be with him. It was cold, gloomy and absolutely fabulous. I worked at Selfridges selling christmas decorations. I began to loathe christmas songs. I went to Cyprus on holiday. I had pink champagne and cold chinese on new years eve.

2000 - I was still in London. I dyed my hair dark brown. I had an interesting job as a receptionist for the British Film Commission. I was still infatuated, but cracks were beginning to show. I travelled home on holiday alone. Tried to figure out what on earth love was all about. I went back to London for a while longer.

2001 - I was still in London. I worked for French Connection. I took the best holiday ever. I went to The Greek Islands of Skiathios, Skopolos and Alonossis. I went on boats. I saw dolphins. I ate olives. I went topless on a beach. I got a very dark tan. We returned to London. The next day Mr. Ego broke up with me. I was beyond heartbroken. I took an au-pair job and moved in with a family. Mr. Ego wanted to try again. I said ok. We moved back to South Africa.

2002 -I was in sunny South Africa. I worked at my mom's property company. It was ok. I began planning a trip to America to see some extended family. The year slipped by quickly. Nothing profound happened. I was restless.

2003 - I decided this was the year to go to America. Mr. Ego thought it would be a good idea if I went alone. So i did. On the way I stopped in the UK. I stayed with my friend Blondie in the English countryside. We laughed alot. We drank alot. I flew to America. I stayed with my aunt in Massechusetts. Then I travelled to California. Mr. Ego broke up with me on the phone. I saw it coming. It still hurt..........I met Mr. Music. He played the bass guitar. He had tattoes. He wore alot of black. I was smitten. He swept me off my feet. I started working at a Target store.

2004 - California was ok, but I missed home. Made some great American friends. Still worked at a Target store. Met Mr. Playa. He was a womaniser. He flirted. He was a bad idea. I was intrigued. We became work friends. I started getting an american accent. I got addicted to mexican food. I went to disneyland. It was awesome.

2005 - I landed a great job working for a Safari company. I started dying my hair blonde. I was still with Mr. Music. He tried hard to make me happy. Mr. Playa still was in my head. I tried to get him out. I went home on holiday alone. It was fabulous. I returned to America. I went to Disneyland. I went to Las Vegas. I went to Sea World.

2006 - The whole world fell apart and then fixed itself. I still lived in California. I travelled to New York for a working weekend. Mr. Playa was also there.Things happened. I cheated. Mr Music was hurt. I cried. he cried. We continued to stay together while we decided what should happen next.....
.......I left him. It was sad. I flew back to South Africa.
I met The Boyf. He was handsome. He was funny. He was amazing. He had long hair. After an 11 hour first date we started dating. We saw each other everyday. I fell head of heels. I was convinced this was the real deal. I was very happy. I started working at my current job. I tried to lose my american accent.

2007 - Still in South Africa. Moved in with The Boyf. Was very much inlove with him. I dyed my hair dark brown. I learnt to be domesticated. The year passed by so quickly.

2008 - Still in South Africa. Still with The Boyf. The Boyf cut his hair all off. He looks even hotter. I started this blog. It saved my sanity. We went to Dubai for a week on holiday. It was hot, very hot. It was interesting. I got back. I decided to do a corresponce course. I still havent really started it. I actually started exercising. It helps me keep the moody cow away. I am very happy.

I have a good feeling that the next ten years will be way better the last 10 years :)


  1. Very neat. I think I will do this myself. Didn't have much to write about right now, so I'll work on this for some time. :) Thanks, BB!!

  2. Wow it sounds like a huge adventure to me! Travelling, seeing the world, meeting people along the way.

    I really enjoyed reading this. I also hope the next 10 years are better. But I guess our 20's are a huge learning curve, right?

  3. I liked reading this. My last ten years would have been so boring! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I wish I had so many adventures!!

  5. wow, in 1998 i'd just started high school...also going to do this and save it for a day in NaBloPoMo where i dont have anything to say!

  6. I love that post idea! It was just cool to read about you!!!

  7. oh wow...... i kinda like this meme:) and as i said to Tamtam, i think i'll do it when i have some time. Thanx for sharing your last 10 years with us:)

  8. Hi BB, I have to agree with Po - your decade sounds like one, long adventure. It was great to read - thanks for sharing it with us ;-)

  9. Wow - what a great read! I loved it! I'm gonna do this meme. Especially seeing as Ches dared me! Hee hee.

  10. Shew! you have seen the world, Brazen. Very cool post.

  11. Miss heather - you definitely must do it - tell me when you do.

    Po - At the time it didnt feel like an adventure...LOL...looking back though it all sounds pretty cool.

    Sass - Im sure your last 10 years were not as boring as you think.

    Mrs D - never to late to start having adventures now

    Vodka mom - Thanks;)

    Ruby - so it. Its very interesting thinking back.

    BB - Thanks. I dont know if Id call it all an adventure, but definitely alot of life lessons were learnt.

    Kitty - I am looking forward to reading yours.

    Tamara - Thanks. I havent seen as much of the world as I would like.

  12. Gosh. Don't think I could remember the last ten years... or perhaps I wouldn't want to ;oP. But the last year - definately the best yet!

  13. Wow...you've been all over...that's fabulous!

    Sjoe...but there's some ups & downs but glad you're finding your way...must be fun & exciting :)

  14. Wow Brazen! What an amazing decade you have had! I love how you always fell for the bad boys - me too and they are the ones that break your heart. I am certain your next decade will be even more exciting!

  15. i love it - so nice to hear more about you... sorry for late comment - been a hectic week, hardly been online... but great to catch up and hear what you've been up to :)

  16. Wonderful post!


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