margheritas and sunburn

A few random weekend notes......

Friday night we trotted off to a birthday drinky with one of The Boyfs work friends. We were suppose to go for one little drink.....but, one drink quickly turned into: one alcho-pop and three very large, strong, fruity margherita's.....all on a rather empty stomach....naughty me. I got pretty tipsy and we got to bed much later than we had planned.

Saturday morning i felt very sloth -like and wanted to sleep in. Tequila gives me nasty morning after feelings....Unfortunately, we had plans to attend an outdoor music festival and were meant to meet at my moms around 8am. We got to her place 2 hours late. She was highly unimpressed with us. I personally felt we should have been congratulated for getting there at all ;)
We got to the K-Day Festival and had already missed one of the bands i wanted to see ( i blame the margheritas). We set up our umbrella, put down some blankets and chilled. It was very warm. We heard and saw a few great local bands. I tried to stay clear of anything alcoholic. I saw Twinkle and her man for about 5 minutes. There were apparently ten thousand people there - Most were rather tipsy and getting very sunburnt.

By the end of the day i was tired and despite my best efforts to be "sun safe", I was sunburnt. It is horrid that I was sunburnt at all, but what made it even worse is that I got sunburnt in a weird , freakish pattern on my chest - really attractive *sarcastic grin*
Now i have to spend the next week or two trying to hide my blotchy, red chest. Trust me people will laugh if i expose it.
So far its been a fabulous, tiring weekend. Strangely enough i have a craving for a big strawberry margherita right now......must be because Monday is almost here.... ;-)


  1. That sounds like you had a really great weekend! I LOVE it when I can spend the day in the sun...

  2. That sounds like you had a lot of fun. To spend your day in the warm son. It is cold, sleeting, and the high is 36. So aren't you a lucky one!

    Take care of your sunburn. I'm a redhead so I know all about those burns.

  3. Man, i wish I could get sunburnt in november. unlikely living in scotland though . . .

  4. Mmmmm.... I love magaritas!! And daquiris!! Sounds like a great weekend, even if you did get a sunburned chest.

  5. Being in the sun is great, but getting a freakish sunburn is not!

  6. Have you seen the weird-shaped costumes that are in fashion this season? They're really cool, but can you imagine getting sunburnt in one of those?!

  7. late nigths with alcohol, then early mornings - never a good combo!

  8. Your weekend sounds great!

    I'd love a day in the son, but it's about 35 and quite cloudy. Kiddies all bundled up before school. Too sad.

  9. Lovely weekend you had! Must've been great! I relaxed a lot myself, sipping some Heinekens and watching t.v. with my man, but a margarita would've been absolutely lovely. Hopefully the week speeds up for you. I know how Mondays go! :)


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