Cavemen and pizza

Last night my mom called to invite The Boyf and I out to a play. She had 2 spare tickets and told us that if we were keen to join we had an hour to get there. We hadnt eaten dinner yet and i was already in PJ's. So, we ran around like crazy, getting dressed, ate 2 slices of peanut butter toast and rushed to the theatre.

The play we went to see is called "Defending the cave man". It is a one-man play and its really, really funny. Its all about how different men and woman are (from the mans perspective, of course). It also tries to explain that these differences have been part of us since the stone age. Men= hunters. Woman= gatherers. If this play comes to your town. I highly reccommend that you go and see it. The play is also currently being performed all across America too - to find out dates and towns click HERE
After the play we were hungry and started looking out for unhealthy take-away places. We landed up going into a pizza place, ordering a pizza, driving home and then waiting for the pizza to be delivered ( heehee...thats the height of impatience).

Waiting for the pizza was horrid, I felt super Cranky (yup, with a capital "C"). I'm one of those people that struggles to stay perky on an empty stomach. We only ended up eating after 11pm. Thankfully the pizza was drool-icious.

Today I am sitting at work feeling a bit out of it *yawn* I think I may getting too old for too many late night in a row (shocking, i know)

Tonight The Boyf and I are having dinner at Twinkles apartment. On the menu is lasagne and wine. It will be nice to have someone else cook dinner for us.

On a bright note tomorrow is Friday.....Hooray!!!! I love Fridays.


  1. I must say you have a busy life. I would love to be able to get up and workout all the time like you. I started seeing a personal trainer and had to stop for about a month because my two year old is having a lot of dr. appointments. So as soon as we get all of that out of the way, I will be going back. I did lose 10 lbs with him in about 8 weeks and could see where I was losing the inches. So wish me luck to get back on track.

    As far as the play, that sounds very cute. I will have to keep my eye out for it in my neck of the woods.

  2. Aww, I'm the same way! Watch out if I'm hungry!! :) Anyways it's great when other people cook for you. :) Hopefully I can look forward to Fridays soon. I had a job interview. Yay! :) Happy Thursday. :)

  3. Im bumbed. Its not comming to any town near me. Ah well.

  4. That play KICKS ASS!! one of the best comedy shows i've seen - and i've seen quite a few. I saw it when Tim plueman was doing it and he even made a comment about the underage girl in the front row not breathing cause she was laughing so much...THAT WAS ME !!

  5. I hear you - I am super CRANKY (capital letters) if hungry and cannot be perky or even nice on an empty stomach!

  6. Yummy pizza! Have a happy Friday.

  7. Yip, I'm the same on an empty stomache. Pizza...yum. My husband isn't really that into pizza, but I love it. I saw that show, it came to Durbs once, it's great!

  8. That caveman thing sounds good, not sure if it has hit the UK though. Have a good weekend BB.

  9. Defending the cave man is a brilliant show, I saw it few years back at Monte Casino.


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