Quick note

Some of you may have noticed that I am posting my blog posts much later in the day than usual. This is because my blogger no longer allows me post from my work computer. I have no idea why, its odd. I have a few conspiracy theories about it.

Until I have fixed my annoying issue with my blogger at work, you will just have to check my blog much later in the day if you want to read my latest post ;)


  1. Funny, I realised that and was wondering why you were posting so late..lately. I just get to read your latest in the morning then. Pick up your award!!! :)

  2. Weird, has blogger been banned?

    I am starting a new job in December and doubt I will be able to blog in the day. It will be evenings for me too! But BB do you know that you can schedule your posts so that they are published any time you want them to be?

    I usuaally write in the evenings and then schedule them for the next day.

  3. Kitty - thank you

    Po - I have no idea? I can still go onto blogger and make comments, just no posts. great advice about the scheduling. I just actually figured that scheduling thing out today.

  4. well, IT department tried to block my blogger too, so I had to talk seriously to the boss and explain why I need blogger so much.So he let me use it.


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