Couch potato syndrome

Ok, i have finally stopped humming christmas tunes, we dont have anymore left over christmas lamb (thanks mommy) in our fridge, all scary mall madness seems over and I literally can not ever eat christmas cake again....

.....Now I am just in lazy holiday mode, instead of christmas crazy mode - I havent done much at all the last couple of days. I have been eating everything and I have been watching a copious amounts of TV and movies.

The last couple of days I definitely been suffering from "Couch Potato Syndrome" or "CPS".
Brief description of CPS (according to me anyway): A rather common occurance in most households at this time of the year. This syndrome usually leads to the consumption of too much take away food, an unhealthy attachment to your couch, an inability to wear anything but sweat pants and over sized t-shirts around the house and in serious cases will cause"square eyes" (not a medical term)

In my defense I have not really been feeling too well and the last 2 days have been gloomy here - So, i feel like I seriously need to be a couch potato right now.

Today maybe I shall venture outside to get some fresh air. Actually, scratch that - I MUST go outside, even if its just to get more "supplies". *winks square eye*

I plan on spending the rest of 2008 chilling, lazing and relaxing. I have a feeling 2009 will have other plans for me :)


  1. hehe. I've been having it too! Couch potato syndrome I mean. People should not give chocolate as presents for xmas, that is all I am saying.

  2. Sounds so good! I wish I were in your shoes today Brazen!

  3. Couch potatoe syndrome sounds just glorious! We've had a few days, but not too many. Enjoy!

  4. Oh, I'm so with you on this one.

    The other day I watched FOUR movies, and then was too lazy to cook dinner, so we all had to go out to eat.

    Darn the luck. ;)

    Hope your holidays were happy, I'll be spending the next week getting caught up on all the blogs I've been missing out on!!!

  5. Po - I agree, I needed alot more chocolate for christmas

    DT - Feel free to come over and join :)

    The Dotterel - Im trying to keep away from exciting and just stay near my couch. heehee

    Kitty - it it glorious, but I feel a bit guilty being soooooo lazy

    Sass - 4 movies and going out for dinner - Blissful :) My holiday has been great so far. hope yours has been too!

  6. glad to know the definition of what I too have been suffering from:) We have been sooo lazy at our place too.. i call it a holiday hangover... :)
    Hope the rest of your 2008 is wonderful and your 2009 is great:)

  7. Oh my. It seems CPS has reached global proportions. It's epidemic here in the states. Hopefully it will have run it's course before the new year!

  8. This condition sounds like the normal winding down from 'Stress-mas' body and mind need to go numb for a while.

  9. sounds the perfect plan for the holidays :)

  10. Well sometimes it is just a good thing to be a couch potato. Good therapy. Hope you get to feeling better.


  11. I was glued to the television this weekend. The House marathon, Survivorman marathon (not my choice, but I did learn a few things.) Movies, too much junk food. 85 Bender Ball commercials. Good times.

  12. I was so hoping to be a couch potato after Christmas, but it didn't happen!! :(

    I wish I could be just like the cat on the photo - sooo cute and funny!

    Enjoy your time on the couch!


  13. CPS rules! Love it!

    Have a lazy but happy new year!

    :^) Anna

  14. I've got kids and a dog to exercise - so no couch-potatoing for me... although, I would really love to do some!

  15. Oh I know the 'CPS' syndrome very well... I suffer from it everyday! lol


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