The down low

When i am feeling down and low heres a few things i do to perk myself up -

* Buy a book - seriously, adding to my bookshelf usually puts a smile on my face

* Play some awesome music on a high volume, then sing and dance around the apartment (this is definitely best done when alone at home..heehee)

* Take a long shower and then spray one of my favourite perfumes all over me (clean +perfume =happiness)

*Drag a couch, chair or blanket into a sunny spot - ahhhhh, good old vitamin D

*Hug & kiss The Boyf until i just cant fight the happy feeling anymore ;-)

* Buy or pick a bunch of flowers. Its amazing how a fresh bunch a flowers in the home can make you feel better (thats what my mom always says, and she is so right)

* Burn scented candles or incense - i think smelling nice things always lifts my mood.

How do you perk yourself up when you are feeling down???


  1. It's amazing how certain scents can lift your spirits - I often spray perfume on me just because I know it will make me feel beautiful :)

  2. Nice post BB, I seem to be drawn to my bed at the moment, we have this amazing new duvet that is just too cosy! And listen to my ipod to feel more perky.

  3. My favorite thing to do is to go to the beach and just sit on the sand, with enough room for the water to barely get up to me (without getting me wet). Or just laying down and listening to Dexter in the background. Also a good shower and fresh perfume, that's also always relaxing!

  4. I go for a walk with the puppies.. I love exploring new streets in New Orleans.. the homes have so much history and the architecture is amazing. When I am done.. I forget why I was down/mad in the first place!

  5. Great list. I'm with you on all of them. I also love to take a walk in the great outdoors and soak in the green goodness; watch a funny DVD with TSC on the couch; do something arty or creative and window shop at fleamarkets or secondhand shops to cheer myself up.

  6. Retail therapy....nothing like it.
    Except these days, it is happenng less and less....which is then good for the bank balance...which then makes me feel what I am saying is that....okay confusing my self....going to go now...:-)

  7. my number one moodlifting activity has to be getting a cup of really good coffee, preferably with my fiance at my side :) other activities, would be: also, like u, buying a new book, or buying a piece of jewellery.

  8. Drinking a spicy cup of tea in bed with a good book is just great!

    Chocolate therapy also helps.

  9. Thanks for the great post.. i need to hear this today... last night we were burgled... haven't even been in our new place for a week!!!! can u believe it. my work laptop with 4 months worth of stuff was taken, some money a few bits of other stuff... all while we were sleeping! i'm so down, i really need to be cheered up! :(

  10. music and dancing are the best medicine.

  11. You can buy Mushy Peas book now :-)

    I have a good chat with a friend, my man or my family
    I have a long bubble bath with scented candles and a glass of wine
    I watch a feel good movie or a good comedy.'s a really good post BB, it's made me think :-)

  12. What a nice topic for a post! I also buy books - love 'em - and today I splurged and bought a sparkly pair of slops/sandal thingies.
    Like you, I also love to blast good music and sit in the sun.

  13. PS: Do you know how I can turn word verification off of my comment section?


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