Mall madness and a christmas wishlist

One week until christmas - hectic!!!

I still haven't done any christmas shopping and I dont even have a tree. Awful, arn't I? (you may judge me if you like).

This year the "holiday feeling" has not hit me yet. I think its because I have stayed away from malls. Malls usually brain wash people to feel festive. I think I need to go to a mall or two this weekend and breathe in some brainwashing retail air. Lets hope my wallet and I survive the mall madness.

Even though I am not really buying alot of gifts this year I still intend on making this christmas special for The Boyf :). I think I will even attempt to bake some christmas cookies or cupcakes next week *smile*

Ive noticed everyone in bloggyland putting up their christmas wishlists. So, I thought I would list a few things I would love to get from santa:
1. A puppy
2. A garden (for no. 1)
3. A year of free trips to my hairdresser
4. A new cellphone (preferably the i-phone)
5. Two plane tickets to Canada (so The Boyf and I can have a white christmas)
6. A few pretty dresses
7. Books - lots of nice books :)
8. Havianna wedge flip flops (yes, they exist)
9. A new washing machine and fridge
10. New lounge throw pillows

Questions for you:
Have you done all your christmas shopping?
Whats on your wish list this year?


  1. Lol, you are reading my mind! a dog, free hairdresser trips, dresses and books are super high on my christmas wish list as well! hehehe. It doesnt feel like Christmas at all here. The only decorations we have are two very cute but very empty Christmas stockings... :P

  2. I think I've done all the shopping... am keeping it pretty minimal this year.

    Christmas wish list: a lie-in and lots of sleep! Good books and the time to read them...

  3. yes, I've done all the shopping.

    healthy family and peace in the whole world

  4. I haven't done a lick of shoping either. But then again, we are going away for Christmas, so I didn't see the point in buying a bunch of stuff and lugging it up there. Besides.. it will be fun to shop with mu MILyes... I LOVE my MIL!

    I only have 2 things on my wish list..Guitar Hero WOrld Tour and Rock Band 2

    Sad huh?

  5. was that a wiener in a box????

  6. I also leave my Christmas shopping to the last possible minute - I am my own worst enemy! I hope all your Christmas wishes come true!

  7. Well if you did come to Canada, come to Ontario because we were getting 20cm of snow tonight... UGH!

  8. I love your wish list :)
    I am almost all done. A few stocking stuffers to get!

  9. Gorgeous photo, so cute! My Xmas shopping was done in November (that's a 1st!) Chistmas wish list: health & wealth!

  10. What kind of puppy?

    I think this list is so perfect!

    Right now I feel really blessed.. I think anything else I get will just be the icing on the cake!

    I hope you get it all! You deserve it!


  11. I have decorated my house but I haven't stepped foot inside a mall either. So needless to say, I don't even know where to start. I have my three boys, parents, and my kids have drawn names for when the whole family gets together. I guess I should figure out when I can get out. My hardest thing right now is I'm having to stay home with Carson.

  12. Good luck with the puppy - that would be so fun! I normally avoid malls this time of year because there is too much cheer - I know, I know, you can call me "Scrooge."

  13. That weenie dog looks identical to mine...I have a black and tan one too.
    Spot and Bear.....very original eh?

  14. Hey sorry I've been lagging on reading! Anyways don't worry, Derek only got a tree on Sunday, which we decorated on Monday. So talk about last minute! :) Anyways, I like your wish list. I haven't posted one, maybe I will. And no shopping for me this year, thanks to being in the ranks of the unemployed. In fact, it's the day before Christmas, and I have no Christmas cheer. Don't think I'll really have any this year. :/


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