Crazy little thing called love

Today it is exactly a month until Valentines day and I have "love" on the brain - So, it seemed rather fitting that I blog about the one I love today...... (If you are not in the mood for a soppy post, dont read any further)

After 2 years and 9 months with The Boyf I am still totally, completely and madly inlove with him. Its a wonderful feeling.
Sometimes I look at him and think "If I ever thought I was inlove before, I must have been wrong, because no feeling I had before him ever felt like this"

Heres just a few reasons I love my Boyf (cause there are millions):
1. He knows how to cook well
2. He can fix (and make) almost anything and I find that so sexy and manly
3. He is very unselfish with his time
4. He makes me laugh
5. He loves God and believes in the same things I do
6. He is very handsome, but humble
7. He never lets me win at scrabble (heehee)
8. My mother and family adore him
9. He challenges me to be better
10. He always tells me the truth, even when i dont want to hear it

Questions to you:
What are a few reasons that you love your man (or woman)?
(Ps -you can comment or do a blog post today about it)

IF you dont have a special someone at the moment -
Tell me what is the most important thing you are looking for in a partner?


  1. now, that's romantic! you've got a wonderful boyfriend!

    well, the man of my dreams cooks really well too :) He is loving and caring. He takes me as I am and shares all addictions I have. And he's talking to me on the phone this very moment :)

  2. Today, i have wedding on the brain :)

    here are my reasons for loving him:
    1.his the sweetest, kindest, most generous person i know.
    2.he makes me laugh.. alot.
    3. he is a whizz at most things IT/pc and electrical related, which i like and find attractive.
    4.his an excellent problem solver.
    5.his not afraid of being himself and not worrying abt what other ppl think.
    6.his beliefs are the same as mine.
    7.He loves family and kids :)
    8.he always makes me think about things in a different light and ive learnt loads from him over the years.
    9. he always puts my interests first!

  3. my S.O is also on my mind a whole lot lately. here are a few of the reasons why im madly in love with him...even after 7 years!

    1. He is honest, kind, generous, loyal and noble.
    2. He is willing to do anything for me, he has and he still does
    3. he has that quirky sense of humour that i love and hate! ;p
    4. his eyes - pools of goodness!
    5. he makes me weak in the knees

  4. J and I've been together for 6 years and after that long one tends to take the good things for granted.

    One of the best things about J is that he's a really good person you know? Never has a bad word to say about anyone, helps when and if he can. He's just a nice guy. :)

  5. Wow BB, where did you find this guy? and in Cape Town? I thought men were hard to find over there.

    I love the way I can be so silly with my bf in a personal way that only we understand

  6. I did a blog post...

  7. Nice post...lucky girl.
    Thinking of doing my own list too.

  8. I'm looking for Mr Right that is honest. Someone who puts family first and enjoys life. Someone who enjoys God in his everyday life is a wonderful trait as well.

  9. ahhh! So presh! I love it... what are you going to get your man for v-day?? I have I want to come up with something super romantic and thoughtful!

  10. Do ya'll talk about taking the next step?

    My reasons for loving my hubby
    1. He is a sports fanatic
    2. He loves all things southern too!
    3. He he is a good Christian
    4. He always surprises me!
    5. We cannot stay mad at eachother for more than five minutes
    6. He knows when to be serious and when to be a funny!
    7. He loves to grill
    8. He loves our families and our puppies!
    9. He is a WONDERFUL honest, humble, hard working, independent, gorgeous, caring, and amazing human being!
    10. He loves me!


  11. My wife knows how to cook something good from nothing......if she found stale crackers and sardines in a cabin, she could make a really good mean out it.

    She puts up with the hard time I give her about everything. She 'suffers' me well.

    She lets me go on vacation all by myself, just so I can 'get away'. Takes a real woman to do that.

    She knows when it is time to be clean, and she KNOWS when to be 'dirty'.....if you know what I mean.

  12. Crazy Little Thing Called Love is the ringtone on my phone for my husband.

  13. The one thing I love the most about my husband is the fact that I can go off in an utterly psychotic tantrum, and he just becomes my lighthouse in the storm.

    He is so steady, so true, so honest, and so strong.

    But he always knows how to bring me back home without controlling me.

    And he's cute. ;)

    Hey, I have your interview questions ready...where would you like me to send them? Email me at, if you'd like! ;)

  14. My current reasons would probably be:

    - he's genuine
    - generous
    - honest
    - absolutely hilarious
    - honest
    - most importantly, faithful

    It's nice to read about a positive relationship today! People I know have been having their relationships hit hard times, or even end, lately.


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