The awesome blogger Sass sent me some interview questions - here are my answers:

1. Looking back over your blog, I'm amazed at how many places you've been at such a young age. What were some common threads with the places you were living? Some major differences?
I really haven't been to nearly as many places as I would like yet, but I have been lucky enough to have lived in 3 countries so far
(1. London, UK 2. California, USA and 3. My home: Cape Town, South Africa). There are actually alot of common threads and differences in all three countries. So I will keep my answers simple.

Three things these countries have in common: I lived in all of them for two or more years, I picked up the accent in each (click here to read a post about it) and they all have McDonalds (which is terrible).
Two big differences: probably language and culture. Even though all three places are english speaking countries the meanings, swear words and actual names for things can be very different.

2. How do you think your blogging has changed since you began?
Well, now that people actually read my blog i try harder not to write lots of rubbish. *heehee*

Seriously though, I dont actually think my blogging has changed too much since i begun. I think I have more of a blogging "style" now and I think a few more people read my blog now.

3. Do you have a specific goal with your blog?
No goal really. I just like to write. My blog is a very positive, nice space for me to ramble about whatever I like and not be interrupted .

4. Is your "avatar" actually a picture of you? ;)
No, currently my "avatar" is not a picture of me. I have been toying with the idea of actually putting a real picture of myself up. Maybe I will eventually. Is anyone actually even curious to know what i look like?

5. If you could look back on your life and warn yourself before making a bad choice, would you? What choice was it?
When i first read the above question i immediately thought - YES, i would totally warn myself about my bad relationship choices.........

Then i thought about it for a moment longer and realised that I wouldn't actually want to warn myself. Sure, I made some silly, overly impulsive, bad choices in my life and they usually led to alot of heartbreak - But from these bad choices I learnt sooooo much. All the bad choices made me stronger, made me wiser, made me more honest and helped me be a better person.



  1. Your interview's really nice!

    And yes, that'll be cool to know what you look like :)

  2. Great interview indeed. :-)

  3. Dah... We're dying to see what you look like! ;)

    Would you ever consider elaborating on your last paragraph in say, a blog post of its own?

    Keep up the real, POSITIVE blog. I lurrrve it.

  4. How awesome! Great interview...PS> yes, we would love to know what you look like :-)

  5. I don't think I'll ever let people know what I look like. . . it might spoil the "mystique".

    Great interview!

  6. Anonymous - who are you? would love to have a name.
    I might consider elaborating on my last paragraph in the future. thanks for the blog compliment :)

    blonde Blogshell - heehee...maybe i will show a picture.

    Lizspin - good point, it might spoil the "Mystique" if i show a

  7. How lovely! Would totally wanna know what you look like!! :)

  8. Love the answers, Brazen!

    And I don't know about the avatar thing. I've changed mine a few times, and I like it to be "me," but not just a full-on picture of me.

    Does that make sense?

    Of course I'd love to see what you look like, but I still tend to agree with the mystique aspect.

    Could I seriously be less decisive? ;)

    Love ya, Brazen!!!

  9. I didn't realize that you'd lived in three different countries. That is amazing. Now I'm jealous. ;)

    Personally I always like putting a face to the posts, but that's just me. I also skip to the back of a book jacket and look at the author a few times when reading.

  10. Hey Brazen, I'm mamastella (aka anonymous) from Cape Town. Been following Blondie, Peas, Tertia's (and most recently Being Brazen's!) blogs since last year when it was cold and wintery... Slowly been reading all the old posts too :)

    Although each blog is different, I love all the positivity and real-ness! :)

  11. I agree with not warning the younger you about your mistakes, how would you learn about life otherwise.

  12. I am curious to see what you look like!

  13. great interview:) U should put a pic of you and the boy up:) face name recognition:)

  14. I'm with you...I love readers and comments as much as the next person BUT I really just like to write. I amuse myself A LOT and if I amuse others, that's cool too!

  15. -- Very interested in what you look like! I like putting faces to the names and stories.

  16. I love the interview and I have always thought of you as a very classy beautiful woman by ways you have described yourself. I think that you should post a picture of yourself tomorrow with your cocktail dress on. I know whatever you decide, your going to look great!

  17. The answer to question #5 is very true. Mistakes are often times the only way a majority of the planet actually learns anything. I have never met someone that has never made a mistake, and I shudder at the thought that there actually is such a person.

  18. So you're friends of Sass huh?


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