Monday mumblings

Today is the last day of my holiday. Sadly I am back at work tomorrow *sob*. Why am I starting work on a Tuesday? Well, call me crazy, but I just could not bring myself to start my working year on a Monday.

In random news I actually wrote 6 pages this weekend. What these pages will grow to become I'm not sure yet - but I shall continue adding to them and will let you know if they develop into anything worth mentioning :)

Tomorrow is going to be the end of my slacking off (really, it is). From tomorrow i need to do the following (yup, here comes yet another list):
*get my butt back into gym
*start some morning jogging
*stop avoiding my correspondence course
* Save more money
*write something everyday

I dont think any of the things listed above are impossible to do and keep to - it will just take a little discipline (ok, maybe ALOT). Ive never really been a disciplined person and in the past I may have had a battle with procrastination - but that was 2008. Its a brand new year now and I refuse to drag my bad, undisciplined habits into 2009. Im so over wasting time.

To those of you who are back at work today -I hope your work day speeds by :)


  1. Enjoy your last day Brazen! Don’t worry tomorrow won’t be as bad as you think! :-)

  2. im a procrastinator too, and my goal is also exercising.. sigh... so hopefully both of us will take that step and stick to it!
    Enjoy the last day and dont think about work :)

  3. Oh I totally get the 'not starting work on a monday', in fact, I used to try and start on a thursday, which gives you two days to setle in, go through emails and then start fresh on a monday.
    Hope your first day goes well.

  4. Lucky you!! Monday off? How nice and a great way to start the work year! :)

    I need to work out... Ever since being with Mr. Method I have gained 9 pounds...

    Happy 2009!

  5. enjoy your last day off... i am back in action today... weelllll... back in action means... checking email.... facebook... myspace.. and blog world.. mondays are slow days... i keep telling myself that! I am jealous you had the day off:) Happy 2009!

  6. bleh for work. I aim to be more disciplined too. I planned to start today. But am too tired... ohoh this is how it starts

  7. Those are all great goals. Sending the discipline goddess to your house to help you.

    Now if I can find one for me as well. LOL

  8. Good luck. Procrastination, Smocrastination. You can do it. ;)

  9. Brilliant idea to take Monday off. At least your working week will be shorter!


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