Procrastinating is as bad as smoking

I dont know about you , but sometimes I think I am just not moving forward fast enough or at all.
This is not about me being impatient (as I realise some things you must wait for), Its more about me procrastinating - Too often I dont move forward when i should, I dont finish things I start and sometimes I dont even start the things I possibly could.

In my opinion procrastination is not only "the thief of time", but it is also super bad for you (like ciggarettes). Once you start procrastinating its easy to keep doing it. Getting rid of the habit can be hard.

I have decided that this year I am really going to try to achieve some of my big goals. Put in the work, chase the dream, stop making excuses. I must quit letting the fear of failure and effort keep me from taking big steps forward (I know, easier said than done).

My moto this year will pretty much be what the sign above says. This is my year for moving forward not wasting time :)

I think alot of people in this world who have achieved their dreams did so because they kept moving forward when other people were busy just "parking".

Questions to you:
Is there something in your life you have wanted to do but you always put off? If so, why have you been putting off doing it?


  1. I am totaly with you on this! Every year i tell myself i am going to do all these things that i never end up doing! lol, it has to stop! This year i am turning my business from small to BIG! :)

  2. I want to go back to playing drums. Why don't I? Can't afford the lessons :-(

    maybe I should find a (completely crazy) sponsor ;-)

  3. I agree, but I think I suffer from some kind of inertia, where I just get stuck in suspension!

  4. oooooh this is the worst thing about me, I procrastinate about EVERYTHING!
    The one thing I want to do is start my own litle business, but i am just so scared to make that first move, i just cannot do it. its the introvert in me winning again. oh well maybe this year.

  5. Why do I sit on the couch when I know I should be at the gym? This is my newest procrasination...I am wasting my life away when I should be wasting my WAIST away!

  6. I totally agree with you. I was just about to make a post about procrastination myself! Good Luck!!

  7. Procrastination is the worse. I have somethings in my life that I wouldn't procrastinate over for a second and others I have put off for some time now... great post!

  8. I've been putting off losing weight. I know I can do it easily, so I always say "I'll start working on it next week." Then by the time I near my deadline (usually some event, like my bday, Valentine's Day, a vacation...) I have like, 1 week to lose all the weight and I just give up because I realize I put it off for so long, that it's now impossible.

    In regards to your comment on my blog - i had never seen a Heath Ledger movie until Batman (after he died of course) and now I'm infatuated with him. I was seriously astounded at how good of an actor he was in it. Alas, my love for him came a tad too late.

  9. First of all, thanks for all your comments recently that I haven't really responded to. I've had limited internet and also limited time at my computer anyways.

    I am a super procrastinator. This killed me last quarter and I am making a huge effort to stop it this quarter before I shrivel up and hide I a cave out of fear. Which I almost did last quarter.

    I put off doing a lot of things. For one the relationship that I was in that ended needed to be ended a long time ago. I put off going to the gym (except this week I started!) And I procrastinate on every school assignment ever. I'm going to try to get ahead this quarter though.

    Good luck with your ambitions! It sounds like you have your eyes set on something great!

  10. I suppose I can answer the question in one word....."The Garage". I can't ever really imagine it being clean, organized and not full of unfinished projects.....maybe my only project should be bulldozing the garage and all it's contents?

  11. I can so relate. I actually own a business and I'm wanting to make it more sucessful. I think if I could find a way to work from home since Carson needs so much of my time, then I can make it work.

  12. Yeah I procrastinate, but I'll stop tomorrow. . .

  13. Not a smoker but an EATER... my battle is food - a worthy opponent as well. I would love a 2009 or just a day, where food was not in charge of my day.

    Here's to us all being successful in '09


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