You can vote if you wanna

I found out yesterday that I am a finalist for "best AFRICAN weblog" in the annual weblog awards :)

Obviously, I would love to win - because awards are super cool. To win all I need is more votes than anyone else in that thats where I really need your help.....

How to vote:

1. Click HERE
2. Scroll across and look for "best AFRICAN blog"
3. Vote for me (pretty please)
4. Scroll to the end of the page and fill in required info
5. Put in a real e-mail address and press submit
6. Go to your inbox and CONFIRM your vote (this is a very important part, because if you dont confirm your vote it is not counted.)
Note: Voting closes on 2 February and ANYONE can vote

Ps -I realise I am probably not the best blog on the whole continent of Africa, but its nice to feel that at least a few people think I am :)
A huge thank you to everyone who takes the time to vote for me.


  1. Voted! now do I get a top hat?:)

  2. Oh wow, that is brilliant! Well done. Going off to vote now.

  3. allready voted! hope you win!!! :) :)

  4. That is super cool. I will go vote. Do you know who nominated you?

  5. The burning question: Can expats vote?

  6. Cool! You were nominated! Hope you win!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've voted for you :-)

  8. Congrats! I am so excited for you :) I totally voted

  9. That is sooo awesome. Can I have your autograph????

    Have a great day.

    PS Can I vote if I don't live in Africa? If so, I'm there!!

  10. Thank you everyone! *hugs*

    My three sons - Of course you can vote ;)

  11. I may or may not have noted :)

    not telling...

    ok I voted.

  12. I just thought I would stop by and tell you that I voted for you for best African weblog. I was sent to the voting site and told to read through all the entrants that I didnt know about before I voted. You remind me alot of what I would be like if I had not started having children as soon as I became an adult. I look forward to reading your blog from now on!

  13. That's way too cool! Congrats! I'm going to do my duty because I've always secretly wanted a top hat...

  14. Well, I 'tried' to vote, will have to see if I get the confirmation in the e-mail.

    That was one stange scrolled to the right instead of scrolling down....threw me for a loop initially.

    Ow, and one more thing, in America, it is customary to give 'kickbacks' for what I am going to get in return???

  15. VOTED! Good luck!! holding thumbs.


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