Gym quirks, pizza munching and blog love

This morning most of the TV's at the gym were not working - which was really annoying and made me miss my daily dose of CNN *grrrrr*. For some reason I find it hard to exercise if I cant be distracted away from the fact that I am actually doing exercise. I like to live in denial- maybe this is really the deeper issue here.

Still on the subject of Gym - I must ask you: Are you nervous/afraid of running on a treadmill? Well, I am (go on and laugh)I have a fear of running on treadmills (which i have mentioned before on this blog). I do walk on them alot, but breaking into a run freaks me out. I always have visions of falling off.
In other completely random news- I had pizza for dinner last night (this should explain what I was doing at gym this morning). I absolutely love pizza. at the moment my favourite is: Bacon, banana and garlic (try it!). I even have yummy cold pizza for lunch today ...gotta love leftovers.

I read ALOT of blogs...some are funny, some are brilliant, some are insane and some are inspiring. I have decided that every now and then I will share with you a few random blogs that I really like - at the same time I will be giving those blogs some love.

Today I would like to give some blog love to ......

1. Superficial Girls - This is actually a friend of mines blog. She is a very glam girl that currently lives in Malta - so its not surprising that her blog is full of girly glam things, pretty make-up tips and celeb gossip. I stop by her blog daily :)

2. Sleepy Jane - Is a fellow South African. I have only recently started following this blog - and I love it. I enjoy her writing style and random posts. We seem to have alot in common.

3. Adorably Distracted - Is an American blogger. Just found her blog and so far I am really enjoying it. Good posts and really cute blog name.
4. F*&$k You, Penguin - Ok, this blog doesn't need blog love really - because it has over 3000 followers, BUT because it made me laugh so much the other day I will give it some anyway :) This blog is totally silly, hysterically funny, twisted, clever, full of swear words and has alot of cute animal pictures. If you have never seen it before you really must go take a look.

*Question: What is one of your favourite blogs at the moment????- Do tell, I am always on the look out for new blogs to read :)


  1. I also watch tv while gymming! I mentioned in my blog i watched mamma mia the other day on the treadmill :P
    I LOVE BACON BANANA GARLIC! lol, you know whats sad though? People think you are crazy when you ask for it here. They eat egg and sweetcorn on their pizza's ewwwww!
    Thanks for the blog love!!!! :) Nice to feel loved just before vday xx

  2. Awww Brazen! That is so cool of you to mention me! :)I love your blog too, I don't know why I never got hooked before because I had seen your username before.

    But I'm glad I found your blog. I *hearts* it!

    As for pizza...YUM-O. I swear I could live off the stuff. But it has to have avo on it, and bacon and feta. *dies*

  3. Also...note how I avoide the whole gym topic...

  4. Treadmills scare me. I prefer to stick to rowing myself, had some bad experiences and all:)

  5. I absolutely need to be distracted while i'm exercising. I need to talk to someone or watch ellen. AND I don't like the treadmill because I feel like people are watching me look weird. Also because one time I dropped my ipod and it went flying! :-)

    Thank you for my blog love! One of my favorites is Happiest girls are the prettiest

    check her out on my page :-)

  6. I also have to be distracted while exercising, but I usually rely on music. Sometimes I'll even say "I'll run for 10 songs".
    Two of my favorite blogs are The Heir to Blair and Dooce. Oh, and mine :)

  7. Oh, dear pizza! How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

    Romans for doughy, fat & cheesy: gotta be bacon, feta & avo (ahoy sleepy jane!).

    Baccini's for sloppy, top-heavy & flavourful: something with chicken & mushroom.

    Col'cacchio for thin, crispy & fresh: Parma ham, rocket & avo.

    I am insanely loyal to these three pizzas and hardly ever try anything else! Where's your favourite from? x
    No gym talk either, I've been a very bad girl...

  8. Not surprized, all those films where the guy falls on his face and flies off the tradmill, looks horribly painful!!
    Pizza: bacon, avo and feta please!
    Blog - baglett is supremely whitty...

  9. Well I don't know if I have ever heard of banbana anything pizza. Is that something you ate while in America or something common where you live now?

    When I went to the gym I always watched Price is Right and forgot tht I was either on the treadmill, bike, or stair climber. It was a very good distraction.

    Some of my favorite blogs are the ones that the blog author leaves recipes. I always enjoy making new things.

  10. I am scared to run on the treadmill for the same reasons. I am also amazed when people are reading things while on the treadmill or other machines. Sometimes I close my eyes when I am on them and after a few seconds I do not feel balanced anymore and have to open them fast or (it feels like) I will fall.

    I was wondering... I do not believe I have read a post about how you and your Boyf came to be together. I thought in light of Valentine's Day it might be a cute/interesting story to hear from yah. (but if it does exist just ignore this!)

    Also... in the US I think it would you get the strangest looks getting banana on a pizza. I want to try this now!

  11. I am pretty sure that if I asked for banana on a pizza here, they would hang up on me (if I was calling it in) or kick me out! I dont even go to the gym. The gym scares me. I tend to swim, rollerskate and dance. That way it really doesn't feel like working out!

  12. terrified of running on the treadmill!!

  13. My fear of treadmills? I throw up when I get off. . . it's the whole motion sickness thing!

  14. Most of the blogs on my blog list are worth reading, but for a favorite, I would have to say 'Oceanaria'. A blog by a a young woman in Canada named Krista. Well written, beautiful photography and all the angst and stress of growing up and becoming an adult.

    (bananas on a pizza? ewwwwwww)

  15. I put movies on my ipod and watch them while gymming, I just put a bunch of new episodes of Heroes on, and I can't wait to go tonight so I can watch one!

    As for blogs, I've been blogging for a long time now (over 2 years!) and have only ever really got involved with blogs of friends of mine, and one or two people who I've got to value as close friends.

    It's only recently that I'm really exploring what's out there and only very recently that I started finding other South african bloggers! And so far everyone's been really entertaining to read, and I'm looking forward to keeping an eye on a whole bunch of blogs!

    And I think that's my longest post ever. Oh and the best pizza is either Haloumi and avo, or roast lamb and chilli! and I had a chicken mayo pizza once that was really nice!

  16. In all my years at the gym, I've never seen anyone fall off the treadmill, except for one guy. He had a heart attack. Sadly! So I don't think you'll fall off. If you do, there's always a bike, and you can bring your laptop and blog.HAHAHA

  17. I'm afraid of your pizza toppings...

    I'm a boring pizza girl. ;)

    And I don't run on the treadmill, simply because I'm afraid I won't have the endurance to go longer than a couple minutes, and people will make fun of me. hee hee. I'm a goof, I know.

  18. Heehee BB, I understand your fear of treadmills, I have seen some hectic wipes on those things!

  19. I am always worried that people are looking at me when I run. Do I run like Phoebe on Friends? My girlfriend and I laugh that we feel like we are REALLY loud on the treadmill and people are looking. Oh well! Nice work making it to the gym!

  20. What a FUN post and a great way to promote awesome blogs.
    Oh, and I absolutely cannot work out whatsoever without some sort of distraction i.e. tv, music or friend. :)

  21. Treadmills make me anxious! In fact the whole gym/machines thing does. I always use the machines incorrectly and make a complete ass out of myself!

    I generally don't eat much pizza because I hate melted cheese - when I first told my boyfriend this I though he was going to break up with me!
    So if I eat them I like a very thin, crispy base, very little cheese and fresh ingredients like Parma ham, rocket, fresh tomato, avo etc.

    I love my regular reads that I list on my blog - don't go a day without checking them, but will always check new blogs. So, thanks for the links.

  22. YAY - YOU'RE ON TWITTER! Sorry - I'm yelling because I'm happy. :) I'm following you! Wheeee!

  23. Is this the place where I have to pluck my blog and say, "Read me! read me!"



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