Remember what?

I think I may be losing my memory.......

Lately I have been so forgetful and its annoying me because its really not like me.
I have been misplacing things, walking into a room and forgetting what I went in there for, forgetting things in the oven and just generally being absent minded....
heres just one little example:

Yesterday I was oblivious to the fact that I left the apartment without my keys. Which wouldn't have been as much of an issue if I had realised this fact before I had closed the door leading to the secure outside carpark *grrrr*.

Standing there I realised I was totally locked out of my apartment block (only having spiderman powers could have helped me) - So, I called The Boyf and told him about my silliness. He laughed (which made me laugh) and then he thankfully said he would turn his car around and come let me in.
At least forgetting little things is not so bad...its not as bad as say....ummm...forgetting your partners birthday, your street address, A lit ciggarette in your mouth before you fall asleep or forgetting to fetch your child at school (Which my mom did actually do once, though she swears she was just really REALLY late to get me - Sure, mom) *laughs*

Anyway, I think I just need some extra sleep, a massage and a whole lot more Post-it, sticky notes to write reminders on ;-)
What do you do to remind yourself of things?
Whats the most forgetful thing you have ever done?


  1. I forgot my best friends birthday and to make matters worse i phoned her and spoke about random things until she asked me if i forgot her bday... oops! I have this little ritual where i have to touch my keys before i close the door! Been locked out 2 many times!!

  2. I forget things all the time. Abot a week ago a friend had a going-away/birthday party before leaving to go live overseas. I RSVPed, spoke to her on the morning to confirm, and spoke to about 3 others about it on the day, and then completely forgot to go!

  3. I forget shit all the time. I forget birthdays, deadlines, where I put my cutex remover, what my name is...
    Seriously though you can ask anyone and they'll tell you I'm the most forgetful person on earth.

    Now when I think of something I have to do at work the next day or remember I email myself from my iPhone. haha

  4. You were so PC with her, I would have been completely sarcastic *pats you on the back.

    Don't worry, I go through those stages too. I think everyone does!

  5. Superficial girl - oops!

    Helen - Double oops!

    sleepyjane - you even forget your name..heehee...that makes me feel better ;)

    Thomas - heehee...I was rather PC. I must be losing my edge

  6. My love of sticky notes actually makes me look like that lady inthe your photo . . . Honest!

  7. I forget things all the time. There are too many instances to remember :P I was extremely horrible when I was pregnant. I'm already skatter brained and then evidently the hormones just made it worse. And sadly enough I"ve never been the same LOL

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  8. I am really forgetful, specially lately :)

    I've tagged you on my blog :)

  9. oh i forget things all the time!! i am the worst. i make notes then lose the notes :) ha

  10. I'm with LyndsAU on this one...I make notes, then forget I made notes. I need notes to remind me of the notes.

    I think the most significant one (which will seem small to everyone who doesn't have some context for my oldest daughter) was that at the beginning of 2008, I put everyone's birthday on the calendar. I totally forgot Shelby's. So when September came along, and she saw there was no big red circle on her birthday, she was hurt. I didn't just forget it once, I forgot about it all year. Never did write it on that dang calendar.

  11. I know what you mean. I'm totally absent minded at times. I usaully like to put all of Carson's appointments on my fridge and I also have a dayplanner that I look at 100 times a day. LOL

  12. I have to write everything down, and luckily being a bit of an A-type helps me remember stuff... although I do sometimes look at my notes after a meeting, and wonder what the hell I wrote down, and what it was meant to mean!

  13. I am really really forgetful - I haven't found a foolproof way to remind myself of things either (which is why I keep Dave around, the man never forgets anything - not even my mothers birthday). Among other incidents, I have forgotten to go to work (an after-Uni job, thank goodness not a fulltime job), and - the one Dave won't let me forget - our 3rd anniversary. He took me out for lunch and I was all "this is random and unexpected - whats the occasion". He's never let me forget it!

  14. I regularly forget things. I have to have everything saved in a calendar in my blackberry to remind me, plus on the calendar in the kitchen. Otherwise I am hopeless!

  15. Are you 'sure' you're not pregnant?

  16. Ah yes. I have forgotton my keys in the door, my wallet wherever I go, I forget everything. I have had to break into various houses millions of times because of forgetting my keys inside.

    It is a health hazard I tell you.

  17. If i do not write myself notes I will forget and forgetting something I just thought about.. drives me crazy!!!

  18. Oh girl!
    I'm the most forgetful person ever! I walk into my boss' office only to forget why I went in there. Or, I will walk into a room...and yet again forget why I was there in the first place.
    Oh, and the worst...I will be speaking with someone and completely lose my train of thought and forget what I was even talking about in the first place.
    What can you do?

  19. It's called age dearest. Happens to the best of us.

    I keep a diary/notebook thingy. It's the only way.

  20. OMG yes. I'm ALSO very forgetfull. Amazingly so that I've forgotten the instances to recall what I forgot. Did that make sense? HAHA!! Glad to see we're not the only ones... with all these comments!

  21. Perhaps you have got things on your mind since it's unlike you to forget things.

    I usually put things I need to do on my phone reminder ans set a time for it to beep....

    Last week Friday, I forgot my internet card at work and I though all the time that I had put it in my bag but instead I put it in my locker. It was so annoying as I ended up having an internet free weekend. It pays to always double check

  22. I get to the office first most days, so I unlock the front door, turn on the lights and switch off the alarm. So how is it after doing this over and over again that I still managed to forget the code and set the alarm off last week?


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