Zombies vs global warming

Today I feel completely unable to write anything sensible (you have been warned) *winks*

I had this cartoon hanging around on my computer for ages. Looking at it today has inspired me to ask this question: What is worse- zombies or global warming?

Of course, I know that global warming is a very serious issue, but then wouldn't a zombie invasion be even more serious ??
Hmm...i think flesh eating zombies are worse than global warming.
After all, you can't get rid of (or even slow down) zombies by recycling alot, having a small carbon footprint and investing in a more fuel efficient car.

Note: In my mind all "real" zombies are flesh eating. Vegetarian zombies really wouldnt be that scary (duh)

Would love to hear your thoughts on this OR you can just tell me whats super scary to you.


  1. Zombies would be way worse. Except if you're Alice*...in which case it'd be AWESOME!

    *Chick in Resident Evil. Dontcha know.

  2. wanna know what's REALLY scary? an empty vodka bottle.

  3. Totally agree with VodkaMom!

    Zombies are the nicest guys after a few bottles of alcohol

  4. ZOMBIES! I want a zombie invasion! 29 Days Later is one of my favorite movies, Zombies rock my face

  5. I'd rather tackle global warming thgan a zombie invasion, I just wouldn't know where to start with zombies ;)

  6. Zombies are the scariest - apart from running out of chocolate (or vodka!)

  7. I am so scared of zombies!!!!!

  8. Kids.

    Today, kids are scary.

    And I'd take zombies over kids right now.

    I'm just sayin'.

  9. haha funny post. Definitely zombies, my brains are valuable to me.

  10. Zombies would be worse - but at least not our fault!

    Global warming is slower, more devastating and all our own fault.

    Hard to choose really.

  11. I vote Zombies scarier.

    However, my latest blog post has my own personal nightmare of scary!


  12. I sent most of my childhood terrified of the witch from the wizard of Oz... maybe I'd rather handle global warming than she-of-the-stripy-tights?


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